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UHBX-SW3 Auto-Switching Wall-Plate with HDBaseT

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The UHBX-SW3, a kit comprised of a multi-input wall plate sender and an HDBaseT receiver, launched this month. The wall-plate accommodates two HDMI inputs and one VGA input with audio. It also supports MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) with phone charging to enable video presentations from smart phones using passive cables.

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The UHBX-SW3, a kit comprised of a multi-input wall plate sender and an HDBaseT receiver, launched this month.

The VGA input can also accept YPbPr Component video. The wall-plate can manually or automatically switch between the various video inputs and extend the video using the HDBaseT standard.

To control the power on/off function of the remote display, the wall plate can generate RS232 and IR control signals which are extended using the same Cat 6 cable. Virtually all VGA and HDMI resolutions are supported including 4K (UHD). In addition, 4K video can be extended to 330 ft (100m) while 1080p signals can go as far as 500 ft (150m). The wall plate is powered through the same cable from the receiver using PoH (Power-over-HDBaseT), making installations quick and simple. A compatible receiver (UHBX-R-PSE) is provided in the kit. 

To guarantee proper display of the VGA input, the wall-plate scales the output to 1080p which is supported by all HDMI TVs. Audio connected to the 3.5mm input can be extended by itself regardless of VGA input allowing connection of audio players.

The system can automatically (or manually) control the power on/off function of the remote display. If a video input is detected, the wall plate can automatically issue the desired power on command, and in the absence of any video input, it can send an "off" command. The power commands can be RS232, IR, or CEC depending on the user’s needs. To select the control method and to upload the commands, a USB port is provided on the wall-plate for programming using Hall Research’s free Windows GUI software. In addition, the wall plate features an IR detector that can extend IR signal to the remote receiver. In this way, an IR remote can be pointed to the wall plate and its signal will be extended to the TV.

The UHBX-SW3 complies fully with HDBaseT Alliance’s design specifications and may be connected to displays or projectors with HDBaseT inputs without the external receiver. In that case, a PoH compliant power inserter would be needed to power the wall plate.

The UHBX-SW3 is a culmination of Hall Research’s expertise in high-definition analog and digital video scaling and extension technologies and is designed and manufactured in the USA.