Cypress Communications Announces Winner of the Get Your VoIP On Promotional Giveaway

ATLANTA, GA--Cypress Communications is pleased to announce that Colliers Dow & Condon has been selected as the winner of the Get Your VoIP On promotional giveaway. As the winner, Colliers Dow & Condon will receive the grand prize of 2 years of Cypress’ hosted VoIP and hosted unified communications solution—up to a $100,000 value—for free.

Cypress Communications’ award-winning hosted VoIP and unified communications solution—marketed as C4 IP for its ability to help enterprises to connect, communicate, collaborate and continue—integrates traditional PBX features with advanced VoIP and unified communications functionality into a single solution.

Colliers Dow & Condon is a full service commercial real estate firm offering brokerage, property management and advisory services. Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, the firm serves Connecticut and western Massachusetts, and their worldwide offices provide expert real estate advice and services to clients in 61 countries across six continents.

“We are excited to be selected as the winner of the Get Your VoIP On promotion. As a real estate firm in a competitive market and uncertain economy, we realize the importance of increasing efficiency wherever possible, and Cypress’ hosted VoIP solution will help us do just that,” said Nicholas Morizio, president, Colliers Dow & Condon. “With C4 IP we will be able to connect our two regional offices, collaborate with top-of-the-line applications, and provide our agents in the field with a full suite of remote productivity tools so they can achieve maximum results.”

Employees of Colliers Dow & Condon will be using C4 IP for a rich, yet flexible, communications experience. They can communicate using their office phone, use a PC for calling, or use both the PC and phone in an integrated mode for a powerful user experience with real-time presence, chat, video, file sharing and Web conferencing—right at their desks.

“Hosted VoIP and hosted unified communications are truly transformative technologies, giving companies the power to communicate and collaborate on a whole new level,” said Frank Grillo, executive vice president of marketing at Cypress Communications. “Cypress launched this promotion to raise an even greater awareness of these technologies, and we are thrilled that Colliers Dow & Condon will be joining our family of customers. We look forward to watching their business grow under a Cypress.”

The grand prize of 2 years of free hosted VoIP and unified communications service includes PBX functionality; IP phones (including firmware, PoE, management and maintenance); PC-based phone software; collaboration tools; voicemail and unified messaging; file sharing, instant messaging, audio and Web conferencing; desktop video; remote office and mobility functionality; real-time presence; Microsoft Outlook® integration and click-to-call capabilities. The winner will also receive dedicated circuits, router(s) (including router management and maintenance); VLAN management; private IP network access; managed voice and data quality (QoS) supported by service level guarantees; Internet bandwidth; and a dedicated local and national team for installation, training and support.

The national Get Your VoIP On promotion ran from June 16, 2008 to September 16, 2008, and the winner was selected via a random selection process. The grand prize has a total retail value of up to $100,000.