tvONE Updates C2-2000 Series

tvONE Updates C2-2000 Series

The new C2-2000 series by tvONE has been enhanced to include new features in system design and integration. The C2-2000 encompasses the C2-2855 Universal Scaler, the C2-2755 Video Scaler, and the C2-2655 Scan Converter. This new series enables the user to be flexible in implementation as the C2-2855 features the ability to up/down/cross convert, the C2-2755 to up/cross convert, and the C2-2655 to down convert.

C2-2855 Universal Scaler

In addition, the new C2-2000 series CORIOcontrol software (release adds export and import Unit configurations that contain data for Unit settings, EDID's, Presets, Stills, Logos, and custom resolutions, making unit transfer configurations to multiple devices for large deployments easier than before.

Several bug fixes have been addressed and corrected in this update, as well as the addition of Alpha Channel support to Logos and Stills allowing for even cleaner transitions.

Download the software update here.

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