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Adjust Your Mount

Mounting products usually seem to just fall in under the category of necessary evils. You need them to do your job, they're an essential part of your business, but they are a fairly pedestrian product on the best of days.

Sure we've been dazzled by rotating mounts of 103-inch Panasonic Professional Plasma screens that a small child could spin as easily as the Price is Right prize wheel, but it's still just a mount, right? When the micro-adjust trend showed up, we got a little excited about that. Yet in all honesty that revolution just made up for those of us who can't seem to operate a level correctly.

Well this year I scoured the floor to see if anything would pop out at me in this under-rated sector of our business. Luckily on Thursday afternoon I ran into Sam Malik, executive vice president of Premier Mounts, and guess what he showed me… the Premier Mounts AM100 series. This is a super low-profile ultra-slim swing out mount for flat panels under 100 lbs. I know what you're thinking: "wow" (with a heavy dose of sarcasm) but give me a second, let me explain.

I wrote an article about why trade shows are important and what you should focus on at the show, specifically about finding products that make your life easier! That is why this mount has made my list of things to write about. Let's take a closer look at the AM100 Swing out mount. First off, it's crazy thin. Just 1.5-inch thick when nested which is crazy thin for a swing out. Add to that its maximum extension of 30-inch, now those two numbers don't usually go together. Nested at 1.5-inch thick, extending to 30-inch off the wall… that's crazy. Now here is the feature that makes this mount special and will unlimitedly make your job easier: this mount's swing arm isn't fixed, it's can be mounted in three different positions. Although an adjustable articulating pivot point isn't new, to have it in package like this one, specifically designed for today's new super thin displays is pretty amazing.

That's why I'm so excited about this mount. It's something you have spec for your projects and know that even if you run into something funky on-site as so often happens, you'll be covered by specifying this great product from Premier Mounts. Check the video for this mount in action!

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