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RGB Adds H.264 Codecs for Streaming and Recording

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Alameda, CA--RGB Spectrum is introducing a new line of H.264 codecs for the streaming and recording of graphics and HD video.

The codec encodes and streams graphics and HD video at up to 1920x1080 and 1600x1200 resolutions, using H.264 high profile compression, which delivers superior image quality compared to the main and baseline profiles used in most other codecs.

An exclusive optional feature of the DSx 264 codec is concurrent recording and streaming. The codec's recording and replay option offers storage to a local USB storage device or external NAS, such as RAIDs or servers.

IP streams can be decoded with commercial off-the-shelf PC software or, where very low latency is required, DSx codecs. For decoder only applications, the value-priced DSx 264D decoder model is available. When decoding, the DSx codec can display one graphics/HD image or four SD images.

Features include on-screen display (OSD) with titling and time code, external time code synchronization, and confidence monitoring. Optional recording and replay offers event marking and variable speed playback. Operation is made simple using an embedded web-based graphical user interface. Multi Channel Manager software provides simultaneous control of multiple DSx units.

The codec is packaged in a compact enclosure. To assist integration, the codec offers Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) as well as external power. A single/dual unit 1RU tray is available for rack mounting.


Panasonic Debuts H.264 Proxy Recorder

Panasonic has introduced the Focus FS-250WF, a H.264 proxy recorder that enhances the P2 production process with streaming and support for long-form and cloud-based proxy workflows. The FS-P250WF has been developed by VITEC in conjunction with Panasonic.

Haivision Enhances H.264 Encoders

Haivision has made enhancements to the Makito HD H.264 and Barracuda SD H.264 low-latency compact encoding appliances. The new real-time metadata capabilities are in response to advanced requirements from military and medical integrators that need to incorporate mission-critical data transmission within the video tr

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Extron Upgrades H.264 Streaming Media Encoder

Extron Electronics has upgraded their SME 100 encoder, enabling the support of additional network and streaming protocols. The SME 100 now supports push streaming in unicast or multicast applications applying native RTP or MPEG-2 Transport Streams.

RGB Adds Graphics and Video Servers

Alameda, CA-- RGB Spectrum has introduced the new DSx H.264 graphics and video server line. The DSx Server is a fully integrated system for centralized recording, storage, management, and distribution of H.264 graphics and video. It is part of RGB Spectrum's line of H.264 codecs supporting graphics and HD/SD video