Ricoh Reveals Desk Edge Projectors -

Ricoh Reveals Desk Edge Projectors

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Ricoh Americas has added a line of projection systems that rest at the edge of the table with wires, vents, and light directed away from conference attendees. 

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The Ricoh PJ X3340, PJ WX3340, PJ X3340N, and PJ WX3340N Desk Edge projection systems can also be mounted on ceilings.

“We believe projection systems deserve the same design optimization that cameras, printers, and smart phones are undergoing to provide higher-end functions in sleeker packages,” said vice president, Visual Communications Group, Matt Sakauchi. “In addition to delivering compelling presentations, these systems make a powerful statement about your business and how you want to treat the people you’re hosting.”

Ricoh's projection system offers fan and cable connections on the lens side. Its auto brightness function dials brightness up or down depending on ambient light, prolonging lamp life, and conserving electricity. Networked models, which support wireless and wired connections, can be managed by Ricoh’s @Remote software to minimize energy consumption. A built-in 10-watt speaker system provides audio for large corporate settings, while consuming approximately the footprint of a business letter.

These units can project images from as close to the wall or screen as 27 inches and as far away as 24 feet. High-definition images range from 30 inches diagonal to 240 inches, depending on the proximity and model.

The Ricoh Desk Edge Series can be operated via one-touch keys or remote control. The projectors automatically self-balance to focus and minimize distortion when projecting in tight spaces or at sharp angles. Two of the systems, the Ricoh PJ X3340N, and PJ WX3340N, automatically focus when the projector is first turned on or moved. When projecting onto color surfaces, Wall Color Mode offers subtle color enhancements automatically for image clarity.

USB connections enable hosts to deliver computer-free presentations, and the multi-screen mode enables guests in up to four different rooms with four different projectors to view the same presentation.

The Ricoh Desk Edge Series can turn walls and whiteboards into interactive digital whiteboards when combined with the optional eBeam technology from Luidia. Users can project from any networked Mac or PC and capture information for later use.


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