Mitsubishi Electric Digital Signage at Narita International Airport -

Mitsubishi Electric Digital Signage at Narita International Airport

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Panorama VisionMitsubishi Electric Corporation has completed installation of Japan’s largest digital signage system at Narita International Airport, comprising 100 display units made up of a total of 336 display panels, including Panorama Vision, an organic light-emitting display (OLED) screen. The system, which covers all passenger terminal areas, displays airport news, entertainment programs and advertisements as well as relaxing imagery, including “Living Japan”, which depicts the natural scenery of Japan, and “Aquarium Japan,” which shows marine life.

In addition to manufacturing the display systems and the video streaming system, Mitsubishi Electric contributed to the concept design, including unit placement, design of the large display systems and LCDs, and video content creation, which includes choosing fonts and progression speeds for each location and a method to effectively arrange displays to provide information and entertainment to waiting travelers.

Core features of the system include:

•Panorama Vision, a 160-degree OLED concave screen. It measures 9.6m x 1.9m (385-inch), consisting of 2,000 96mm x 96mm OLED panels.

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•Large-scale multiple LCD screen units installed in all passenger terminal areas, including a 9.2m x 1.7m unit consisting of 27 46-inch display panels (equivalent to a 370-inch screen) as well as units made up of 16, 12, 8 and 4 panels, respectively.

•42-inch touchscreen user stations.

•Mediaway, a video streaming system, delivering HD video to 100 display units simultaneously or independently, and capable of promptly switching from scheduled videos to emergency information.

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