Barco Unveils New Staging Arsenal

Barco Unveils New Staging Arsenal

Barco Events displayed the first fruits of the Barco/Folsom synergy at InfoComm with the unwrapping of the new Encore, for the rental and staging market. Under intense development for months by the Folsom R&D crew tasked with blending Folsoms processing prowess with Barcos ongoing strategy to broaden the show control market, the Encore system provides source selection, advanced windowing features, seamless switching, video effects and integrated control. Both seamless wide-screen and independent display applications are supported. Designed for a multitude of shows sizes the system is fully scaleable to efficiently support from 1-32 screens.

The Encore System Controller controls one or more Encore Video Processor units as needed for a specific show. The controller provides fully integrated control of real-time events and can be used with Barcos Events Manager software to synchronize operation with external devices and pre-programmed show sequences. The controller runs on an embedded Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) to provide high reliability, rapid power-up and true real-time performance for critical video processing sequences. Additionally, the controllers support integrated control of matrix switchers and video source devices.

Also unveiled on Wednesday at the Barco Events booth was Barcos brand-new ILite 6 XP and ILite 3 LED display technologies. According to Barco the brand-new Ilite 6 XP, featuring 14 bit processing, is fast becoming the technology of choice at many high-profile events including international car shows (Detroit & Geneva) and entertainment shows such as the recently held E3 game industry trades show in Los Angeles. The ILite 6 XP LED modules are fully cross-rentable and also remain backwards compatible with previous generation ILite 6 modules.

Barcos new SLM R12+ projector, also on display at the Barco Events booth, is a compact form-factor, DLP-based, SXGA+ resolution and 11500 Ansi Lumen light-output projector. The current TLD lens range for SLM projectors has been purposely designed to be future-proof and fully compatible with this new chip technology to achieve higher light output at higher contrast ratio levels.

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