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The Most Important Products of the Year

The Most Important Products of the Year

Innovation is key to keeping the AV industry strong. And it’s the products that are leading the industry forward in many ways, proving just how innovative your work is capable of being. This year, SCN is celebrating some of the groundbreaking products of 2015.

Middle Atlantic Products DisplayStation

Middle Atlantic’s DisplayStation Series is a new collection of carts, stands and monitor walls that are application-engineered for easy integration. Every model is designed for professionally-finished installations with a support channel featuring an integrated power strip and convenient cable management system that simplifies wiring during installation and servicing. The DisplayStation Series is ideal for simple video teleconferencing, presentation, and digital signage systems while the monitor walls are well-suited for simple surveillance and monitoring systems and digital signage applications.

Bosch Compact Sound Speakers

Bosch’s Compact Sound speakers are designed to offer a high quality performance-to-size ratio in the small-format installed sound category. The series includes five sonically and aesthetically matched models, which allow complete systems to be customized more effectively and more economically: subwoofer and satellite speakers for surface-mounting, subwoofer and satellite speakers for ceilings, and a pendant satellite speaker.

Matrox Mura IPX Series

The Matrox Mura IPX Series is a new line of 4K capture and IP encode/decode boards that let OEMs and AV system builders deliver advanced video wall controllers featuring high-quality, low-bitrate, multi-channel 4K or HD encoding and decoding over standard IP. Designed to work with Mura MPX video wall capture and display boards and Matrox C-Series multi-display graphics cards, Mura IPX packs 4K capture plus high-density encode and decode functionality onto a single PCIe card to simplify integration and reduce installation costs.

Roland M-5000 Console

The Roland M-5000 Live Mixing Console is the first product based on the O.H.R.C.A. platform, which opens a new generation of live sound solutions for audio professionals. “O.H.R.C.A.” stands for “open,” “high resolution,” and “configurable architecture.” The M-5000’s internal mix architecture is not fixed and can be freely defined for mixing channels, AUXs, Matrices, subgroup buses, and MIX-MINUS buses within a range of up to 128 audio paths, allowing users to create a console structure to suit the needs of the application. Pristine 96 kHz audio with world-class mic pre’s built into the console, as well as Roland’s extensive digital snake lineup, ensures the highest quality of sound end to end.

Chief Fusion Menu Boards

Chief’s Fusion Menu Board Wall Mounts offer a solution to execute any digital menu board application with perfect display positioning and flexible adjustments. The single horizontal extrusion with depth adjustment aligns the screens quickly even on irregular mounting surfaces and allows easy access behind the displays for servicing. ControlZone Leveling provides micro-height adjustment. Centris tilt allows easy adjustment between +5 and -20 degrees.

Ricoh D5510 Interactive Whiteboard

The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5510 is suited for a wide range of presentation and collaboration activities, including all-inclusive corporate strategy sessions, architectural reviews, education, interactive training sessions, legal team case development and much more. Presenters can create drawings, review designs, edit documents and share meeting notes on a 55-inch-diagonal HD screen, incorporating interactive content from their PCs or thumb drives.

Mackie DL32R

Mackie’s DL32R is a powerful 32-channel digital mixing system controlled wirelessly from Mackie’s Master Fader iPad app. The Mackie DL32R features a mix of flexible, professional I/O in an ultra-compact 3U rackmount design. Each of the 32 inputs (24 XLR, 8 XLR/TRS combo) feature Mackie’s all-new Onyx+ recallable mic preamps, with remote control over preamp gain and phantom power. The new Onyx+ preamps outperform the industry-proven Onyx design.

Biamp Oreno

Biamp Systems’ Oreno platform was created specifically for conferencing environments. The control solution provides greater ease-of-use, deployment simplicity, and the ability to control any Biamp Tesira-equipped conference room via mobile devices. Designed to simplify the complexity of conference room setups, the Oreno suite is comprised of three core components: Oreno Creator, Oreno Manager, and the Oreno User Interface (UI). Ideal for standalone or multiroom conference settings using Tesira or TesiraFORTÉ, the Oreno suite allows participants to lock access to specific conference rooms during a meeting, place calls, and recall presets from web-enabled devices.

d&b audiotechnick 10D and 30D Amplifiers

The 10D and 30D are the first d&b amplifiers tailored for permanent integration. They deliver 700 W and 1600 W per channel respectively and share the same Digital Signal Processing (DSP) platform and capabilities as the d&b D20 amplifier and the flagship D80. These amplifiers all provide comprehensive d&b loudspeaker management and switchable filter functions. They incorporate two 16-band equalizers comprising parametric, notch, asymmetric and shelving filters, along with up to 10 seconds of delay for each of the four channels.

Community I-Series

Community’s I-Series is an innovative family of high-performance, arrayable loudspeakers with matching-height subwoofers. By combining I Series with Community’s exclusive BalancePoint Flyware, system designers can implement complex solutions for applications ranging from houses of worship to multi-purpose auditoriums, live theaters, and other professional and commercial venues. Individual loudspeakers may be precisely aimed and arrays can be quickly assembled in the shop or on-site.

RGB MediaWall V

The RGB MediaWall V processor can display any configuration of window layouts across a multiscreen array. The processor’s hybrid architecture combines the real-time processing and reliability of a hardware-based processor with the flexibility of a separate, dedicated processor to run applications. Add in integrated IP capabilities, extensive user-friendly features, enhanced security and an intuitive, easy-to-operate control interface and you get a 4K video wall processing system with power and versatility.

Martin Audio CDD Series

Martin Audio’s new dedicated installation loudspeaker range—the CDD Series—combines distinctive curved enclosures with unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology to deliver class-leading performance, fidelity, and coverage consistency to venues that demand the ultimate in cutting-edge technology and style. CDD has been conceived as a one-stop solution; six two-way full-range coaxial systems—from the micro CDD5 to the powerful CDD15, complemented by high-performance subwoofers—cover the majority of install applications.

Extron XTO II CrossPoint

The Extron Electronics XTP II CrossPoint matrix switchers with a 50 Gbps digital switching backplane enables the deployment of an AV system infrastructure with a switching bandwidth that exceeds the data rate required to distribute 4K/60 video with 4:4:4 chroma sampling at 16 bits per color. It supports uncompromised 4K video while providing additional bandwidth to accommodate anticipated future video resolutions and formats. These matrix switchers can be configured with a variety of boards, including the new XTP.

Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall

Planar Systems’ DirectLight LED Video Wall System combines a proprietary, advanced design across a choice of four resolutions ranging from 1.6 to 3.1 millimeter pitch, and provides exceptional visual performance, thin mounting depth, precise alignment, mission-critical reliability, and adaptability to different customer uses. The Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall family can be optimized for a wide range of indoor environments including well-lit public spaces and corporate lobbies, as well as light-controlled conference rooms, auditoriums, and control rooms.

Hitachi PTZ Series

Hitachi America’s PTZ Series Full HD Camera Series support clear and lively video conferencing, video recording, and net broadcasting, and are ideal for a variety of applications that include boardrooms, classrooms, auditoriums, and houses of worship. The PTZ Series is comprised of six models: the VZ-HD3600A; VZ-HD3650A; VZ-HD3700A; VZHD3780A; VZ-HD4000A; and VZ-HD4900A. All of the PTZ Series cameras feature an optical lens for Full HD with 10x zoom, while the VZ-HD4000A and VZ-HD4900A also have a 25x zoom.

Contemporary Research ATSC-SDI 4

Contemporary Research newest HDTV tuner, ATSC-SDI 4, is a cost-effective HDTV demodulator that features onboard ASI and HD-SDI ports, as well as MPEG2 and MPEG4 decoding. The integral HD-SDI output allows inclusion of 708/608 captioning, choice of AES stereo or AC-3 audio, and scaled output set to a constant 1080p, 1080i, 720p, or 480i resolution. The ASI port outputs the full MPEG stream, including all programs, audio options and data at native resolutions.

Lectrosonics UHF BodyPack

Lectrosonics’ smallest full-featured UHF bodypack microphone transmitter available today—the SSM (Super Slight Micro)—is a member of the company’s Digital Hybrid Wireless Series. The SSM is fully compatible with all current Lectrosonics receivers including the UCR411A, SR Series, L Series, and Venue Series, along with several older models via compatibility modes. The SSM features a wide tuning bandwidth of three standard Lectrosonics blocks or up to about 76 MHz depending on the specific frequency range.

Yamaha MRX&-D

Yamaha Professional Audio’s new MRX7-D open architecture signal processor was designed for applications where more complicated signal processing is required and for venues where more I/O channels are needed. The new signal processor is ideal for applications such as hotel ballrooms, houses of worship, schools, libraries, performing arts venues, movie theaters, convention centers, and corporate conference rooms. For conference applications, the MRX7-D deploys an acoustic echo canceller.

Christie Boxer 4K30

A combination of the most lumens, the most pixels, and 3DLP quality combined with the smallest, lightest, yet most rugged design available in its class defines the Christie Boxer 4K30 projector. The Christie Boxer 4K30 has six 450W mercury lamps delivering 30,000 center lumens. With built-in Christie Twist, images can be blended and warped from multiple projectors onto curved or irregular surfaces without requiring an external solution. Housed in two 3-lamp cartridges, the six long-life mercury lamp modules are easy to handle, maintain, and change and stock, which means a better return on investment and less consumables.

Bose RoomMatch Utility Speakers

Bose Professional has three new RoomMatch Utility (RMU) loudspeaker models: the RMU206, RMU108, and RMU105, joining the RMU208 small-format sound-reinforcement loudspeaker in the series. Featuring RoomMatch array modules’ mid/high sonic character, these RMU models are designed either to complement a RoomMatch full-range array installation or to be used on their own for high-quality foreground music, under-balcony, zone-fill and vocal-range floor monitor applications in performing arts centers, civic auditoriums, houses of worship, secondary education and college auditoriums, dance clubs, retail, hospitality, and more.

Crestron DM-RMC-4K Scaler

Crestron’s DM-RMC-4K-SCALER-C provides an advanced one-box interface solution for a single display device as part of a complete Crestron DigitalMedia system. It functions as a DM 8G+ receiver, 4K/60 video scaler, and control interface, providing a single HDMI output along with an analog audio output, plus ethernet, RS-232, IR, and relay control ports. In addition to DM 8G+, it is also compatible with HDBaseT, allowing it to be connected directly to an HDBaseT certified source. Built-in scaling enables the connected display to handle virtually any video signal—including 4K and Ultra HD.

QSC Q-SYS Core 110f

The Q-SYS Core 110f is the latest addition to the Q-SYS lineup of network audio solutions, built on modern Intel-based technologies and a Linux Real Time Operating System. The new, smaller Core 110f brings powerful yet affordable software-based audio processing product to the corporate AV market. The Core 110f will allow AV integrators and IT managers alike to deliver networking integration via Q-LAN, which uses IT standard Layer-3 protocols. Additionally, the Core 110f’s ability to coexist with all other data, use of standard ethernet switches, and is AES67-ready to provide interoperability with a growing list of third party network audio products which will support the standard.

DPI Insight

Digital Projection International’s new high-brightness, lampilluminated Insight 4K projectors consists of two models: the duallamp 17,500 lumen Insight 4K 930 and the quad-lamp 25,000 lumen INSIGHT 4K QUAD. These new lamp-illuminated displays bring higher brightness output to the Insight product lineup. Ideal for venues contending with plentiful ambient light or needing to produce large-scale, high-quality imagery, the Insight 4K 930 and INSIGHT 4K QUAD begin shipping in September 2015.


Meyer Sound’s LEOPARD loudspeaker system includes highly efficient class-D amplifiers that help eliminate distortion while consuming less power and generating less heat. LEOPARD can both anchor a main system in a medium-sized venue or integrate with Meyer Sound LYON in down-and out fill systems. Six LEOPARD and two 900-LFC loudspeakers can be flown using a 1/2-ton motor, and a complete system solution can be attained with MAPP XT for acoustic prediction, Compass RMS for real-time system performance monitoring, Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management, and the new MDM-5000 distribution module for routing AC power, audio, and RMS signals.

Kramer K-Touch

The Kramer K-Touch version 3.0 platform is a cloud-based solution for easily designing state-of-the-art, user-friendly BYOD room-control and automation eco-systems. With K-Touch 3.0, integrators can design advanced control and automation for room elements such as lights, screens, sound, HVAC, thermostats, and any existing A/V system. Designers can scale to over 100 devices in the Cloud, all controllable from any tablet or mobile touchscreen. K-Touch 3.0 includes pre-programmed, drag-anddrop modules for easy control system design and enables the control of room elements via ethernet.


FSR’s DV-MFMV-74: DV PRO is a 7 x 1 windowing switcher that has seven multi-format inputs (4 HDMI, 2 DisplayPort, and 1 VGA/RGB/YPbPr) and one HDMI out that supports scaled resolutions up to 4K x 2K 30Hz. The DV-MFMV-74 allows users to show up to four of the inputs on the same screen simultaneously in a single, dual, triple, or quad screen layout. Each input also has audio inputs available via captive screw terminals.

Electro-Voice X-Line

The X-Line Advance family of linearray loudspeakers from Electro-Voice offers a range of new features and advanced audio technologies that work together to surpass the performance of other competitive line arrays available today—all in a significantly more compact cabinet. The first wave of products launching under the X-Line Advance banner includes the X2-212/90, a high-performance compact 12-inch vertical line-array loudspeaker system developed for the most demanding applications, including large houses of worship, concert and event/tour sound, sports venues, and theaters/performing arts centers.

Tannoy AMS Series

Tannoy’s new AMS series loudspeakers are engineered to produce a sonic characteristic that matches with the company’s CMS 3.0 ceiling loudspeaker. Comprising a range of seven models ranging in three form factors from 5-inch to 8-inch, the AMS series takes on an aesthetic suited for the architectural considerations of building design. Additionally the new AMS models have undergone the most punishing environmental testing of any product in Tannoy’s history—achieving an IP65 rating, which is among the highest in the industry for outdoor use and challenging environments.


Mobile innovations will continue to push the boundaries across many business applications and Shure has introduced its latest chapter of microphone technology that will help systems contractors, integrators, designers and consultants give the ultimate convenience and mobility to customers capturing content. With the introduction of the MOTIV digital microphone line from Shure, integrators can help professionals managing AV for a wide range of facilities capture high quality content from a mobile device without sacrificing audio quality. The portable, plug-and-play MOTIV products feature intuitive controls, smart technology a retro design and far exceed CD audio performance at 24-bit/48kHz. The MOTIV line includes the MOTIV MVL lavalier microphone, MOTIV MV88 iOS digital stereo condenser microphone, MOTIV MV5 digital condenser microphone, MOTIV MV51 digital large-diaphragm condenser microphone, MOTIV MVi digital audio interface, and the company’s newest iOS app, ShurePlus MOTIV Mobile Recording App.

Audio-Technica System 10 PRO

Audio-Technica’s System 10 PRO rackmount digital wireless system operates in the 2.4 GHz range, keeping it free not only from TV interference but also from the uncertain regulatory future facing the TV bands. Its durable rack-mount chassis houses one or two receiver units that can be operated locally within the chassis or be removed and mounted remotely (up to 300 feet away) via ethernet cable. This approach to delivering wireless increases the versatility of the system while also enhancing wave propagation without the substantial expense of adding an antenna distributor and corresponding cables. Additionally, up to five System 10 PRO chassis (10 receivers) can be linked together using the RJ12 cable included with each system, creating a stable multichannel system with the simultaneous use of up to 10 channels.

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