New InfoComm Products June 2008

New InfoComm Products June 2008
  • Extron has expanded its VGA product line with the introduction of the SW8 VGA and SW12 VGA Series of 8- and 12-input VGA and stereo audio switchers and the P/2 DA8 and P/2 DA12 Series of 8- and 12-output VGA and stereo audio distribution amplifiers. These two series enhance Extron's SW VGA and P/2 DA product lines by adding more inputs or outputs and advanced features. Several new features make these switchers and DAs ideal choices for small to mid-sized VGA signal routing applications.

Architectural Acoustics by Peavey has introduced its PHR Series loudspeakers, designed specifically for compact, in-ceiling operation in permanent installations. The Architectural Acoustics PHR Series ceiling-mount enclosures are ideal for high-intelligibility voice, program music, and versatile signal reproduction in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. A tap selector switch allows for easy system tuning and configuration for 70-volt or 100-volt distributed systems, and a full selection of taps up to 60 watts and an 8-ohm transformer bypass setting are included for maximum system versatility.

360 Systems MAXX-2400

360 Systems' MAXX-2400 is a two-channel video recorder, a four-channel playout server, a graphics store with linked key-and-fill capability, plus 700 hours of storage time. Standard features include composite and SDI video ports, a frame synchronizer for recording wild sources, and a complete set of audio formats, including embedded, AES/EBU digital, and +4 analog. Fully compatible with leading automation systems, MAXX-2400 is ideally suited as a server, as a cache for satellite ingest, for graphics storage, in weather systems, remote trucks, and for extra channels in DTV broadcast as well as the expanding range of AV applications.

Alcorn McBride Video Binloop

Alcorn McBride's Video Binloop is ideal for environments where a large number of repeating video feeds are required but rack space is limited. The Video Binloop provides up to 16 tracks of high bitrate MPEG-2 video in a 3 RU enclosure. Video clips, encoded at up to 15 Mbps, are stored digitally so there are no moving parts to wear out. It features composite, component and optional SDI video outputs. The product locks to NTSC or PAL video sync, and reads or generates linear timecode at many different SMPTE and EBU rates.

Peerless SlimLine Mount

Peerless Industries' SlimLine universal mounting solution delivers a virtually no-profile installation that positions flat panel screens a mere 0.4 inches from the wall, barely the thickness of a CD case. The mount's ultra-thin profile perfectly complements Hitachi's 1.5 inch ultra-thin TVs, but its universal design enables the Slimline mount to accommodate any new ultra-slim TV on the horizon. And with up to 150 pounds UL-tested load capacity, the Slimline mounts can even handle the weights of standard flat panel LCD and plasma TVs on the market today.

MilesTek Cables

MilesTek has introduced a variety of new cables, connectors, and accessories. Designed for custom installation and other AV professionals, the new products include solid-center RGB cables, digital video cables, compression connectors for both types of cable, specialized tools and pre-packaged connector kits. All are described in a new detailed product guide, RGB and Serial Digital Solutions, packed with vital, full-color information, including specifications and prices. MilesTek's new solid-center mini RGBHV cables are available in 25- and 23-gauge sizes, and are complemented by 25 AWG and 23 AWG single-piece BNC and RCA compression connectors.

Crestron Multimedia Presentation Controller

Crestron's new Multimedia Presentation Controller (MPC) line of all-in-one classroom control solutions is a family of easy-to-install and systems that connect, control, and route AV presentation equipment in small, one-projector applications. Simple, secure, and scalable, MPCs are wall or lectern mount 2-Series control systems that fit in a standard 3-gang box. The MPC line is for K-12 and higher education classroom applications, meeting all the different presentation needs of instructors, support staff, and AV/IT management. MPC provides simple interfaces with push-button layout and operation that are easy for instructors to learn and use.

OWI CRS 101 System

OWI's CRS 101 receiver/amplifier/mixer is for use in classrooms, boardrooms, training rooms and hotel meeting rooms. The system accepts three different line level inputs and can simultaneously control two included infrared wireless microphones. Each device can adjust its volume by independent controls to obtain the best audio effects for each individual room layout. The CRS 101 system arrives complete with two OWI ceiling speakers. Further sound customization can be achieved by adding two more optional OWI ceiling or surface mounted speakers.

Pantel LCD HDTVs

Pantel currently offers two LCD HDTVs in 32-inch and 42-inch screen sizes. Outdoor residential and commercial entertainment used to be a very concerning and expensive project due to the threat of unpredictable weather. High definition TVs used outdoors had to be utilized under canopies or other types of overhangs, but that still did not always protect them from cold, heat, wind, and dust. Pantel TVs now allow businesses to break free from the hassle, excessive expense, and these constant concerns thrown at them by Mother Nature.

QSC GX Series Amplifiers

QSC's GX Series amplifiers are taking aim at the needs of musicians, DJs, and performers of all description. Consisting of two professional models outfitted with feature sets and power ratings designed to meet the requirements of passive loudspeakers, the GX Series is as reliable as the day is long and is marked by affordable prices that go easy on virtually any budget. At eight ohms, the GX3 and GX5 are rated at 300 and 500 watts respectively, offering the continuous power capacity needed for a majority of common passive loudspeakers in use today.

Triveni Ensignia Digital Signage Lobby

Triveni Digital's Ensignia Digital Signage Lobby is a stand-alone, self-contained system for digital signage deployments requiring just one display screen. Integrated with LG Electronics' M4210N flat-panel HDTV LCD display and MediaManager software for control over LAN/WLAN, the new Lobby system provides an economical, space-saving, and easy-to-install solution for high-quality content display in a broad range of applications. Everything for the system comes in a single box--the user is only required to install the screen, plug in the power cable, and connect an existing PC to the system to run its MediaManager application.

Yamaha NEXO RS15

Yamaha Commercial Audio's NEXO RS15 low-profile high-output, modular, scalable bass cabinet is capable of operating in both omni-directional and cardioid modes. Comprised of a 15-inch transducer with a frequency response of 35Hz‚ 200Hz in omni or 35Hz- 150Hz in directional mode and a sensitivity of 105db SPL, the versatile RS15 is ideal for system installations and touring requirements. Digital signal processing, via NX242-ES4 TD controllers, enables the RS15 to display precise cardioid pattern control through the DSP-processed correlation of acoustic distances between transducer and vent sources. These sources are linearly positioned in the output direction of the cardioid pattern.

JTS CS-1 i-Conference System

The design makes CS-1 i-Conference more than just another system. With JTS in-house made ECM capsule, intelligent automatic mixing technology and integrated acoustic and mechanical design, the i-Conference discussion systems provide a turn-key solution and deliver natural, feedback-free audio performance with any environment. The i-Conference discussion systems are ideal for discussion and meetings with up to 150 attendants.

Vtron IDB 3670

Vtron's IDB 3670 is equipped with built-in computer allows processing and storage of all types of data, files or software. Its true HD resolution 1920x1080 display brings the future into interactive display solutions in terms of interactive communication technology. This allows users to show presentations or other video material in the sharpest definition available. IDB 3670 is also the only DLP interactive display solution currently available on the market.

Clear-Com Cellcom10

Clear-Com it is now shipping its newly enhanced CellCom10 digital wireless system. The upgraded version of its popular wireless intercommunication system brings broad connectivity and mobility to enable users to have beltpack-to-beltpack conversations or small group conferences, linking them via the basestation to Party-line and Digital Matrix systems. The new digital wireless intercom system offers license-free communication and is based upon a cellular architecture that allows up to 10 beltpacks to roam seamlessly between remote active antennas. The enhanced CellCom10 adds extra features and functionality, including vibration alert.

NetStreams Commercial Audio Line

The NetStreams commercial audio line is a mix of products that allow integrators and consultants to design a system that meets the new market requirements using IP-based technology, but also provides maximum value by utilizing very low cost traditional audio distribution technologies where practical. The NetStreams MediaLinX MLA9101-CS is a single source component that combines digital encoding of one analog or digital audio signal with control of third party systems. Ideal for installations that include legacy sources, MediaLinX allows installers to connect audio sources such as a CD player, AM/FM tuner, a Sirius or XM Satellite Radio, or iPort iPod docking station.

Philips/projectiondesign UHP Lamp System

Philips Electronics and projectiondesign collaborated in developing ultra-high brightness projectors which are equipped with the highest levels of UHP lamp powers. This cooperation between the two companies has resulted in a 3-chip DLP, dual 400W lamp projector prototype that produces an impressive 10.000 ScrLm brightness. With this milestone, Philips and projectiondesign demonstrate that UHP based projectors have the potential for applications requiring extreme high brightness such as high-end e-Cinema, events, visualization, and simulation. Philips UHP lighting technology is commonly used for a wide variety of projection applications ranging up to 6000 Lm.

Martin Audio OMNILINE

Martin Audio's OMNILINE micro-line array system is designed for both foreground applications and sound reinforcement in the widest variety of architectural environments. Each OMNILINE array is constructed by connecting together multiple array modules. Up to 32 modules can be connected where both high output and vertical focusing down to low/mid frequencies are required. OMNILINE achieves vertical beam forming by physically articulating individual array modules using powerful, patent-pending optimization software to curve the array rather than applying DSP to a traditional column.

NEC Projector Series

NEC's NP905/NP901W NEC projector series is designed for business and education in a networked environment. The series includes Silicon Optix HQV motion video quality, which removes video artifacts, and wireless capability for network use with Windows Network Projector capability. The series is designed for installation and include advanced geometric correction for projection on non-flat surfaces. NP901W is 2000 lumens with wide WXGA resolution, while the NP905 is 2700 lumens with XGA resolution.

JK Audio RemoteAmp Blue

JK Audio's RemoteAmp Blue allows IFB monitoring through a cell phone equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology. This is a listen-only connection designed for voice IFB or full bandwidth stereo music listening. RemoteAmp Blue pairs to your cell phone like any Bluetooth wireless headset. The XLR and 3.5 mm line input jacks and separate volume controls allow wired operation in parallel with the Bluetooth connection. The XLR line level input accepts either a balanced mono signal, or a party line intercom feed. The stereo headphone jack will cut through any crowd noise.

MediaMatrix NWare

MediaMatrix by Peavey has released version 1.4.2 of its NWare software, as well as memory upgrades and new I/O hardware. NION NWare version 1.4.2 is fully compatible with the Windows Vista operating system and adds support for network time protocols that allow NION to sync with network time-servers or an internet-based atomic clock. In addition, NION nX, n6, and n3 nodes now ship with upgrades in flash memory up to 2 GB to enable additional storage of audio, project files and background music loops, plus enhanced efficiency for messaging, audio playback, recording, and multi-tasking within the NION system.

Yamaha MY16-MD64 Card

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems MY16-MD64 card adds 16 channels of MADI input and output connectivity to Yamaha professional audio devices accepting mini-YGDAI expansion; add up to three MY16-EX expansion cards to the core MY16-MD64 card and increase the MADI channel capacity up to 64 channels. The Yamaha MY16-ES64 card adds 16 channels of bi-directional EtherSound connectivity. Add up to three MY16-EX expansion cards to the core MY16-ES64 card and increase the EtherSound channel capacity up to 64 channels.

Westinghouse Digital M470SWP DSB

Westinghouse Digital's M470SWP Digital Signage in a Box (DSB) is an easy-to-use content management system that gives business owners, using a Westinghouse Digital 42-inch VM-42F140S or 47-inch VM-47F140S commercial LCD monitor, the ability to narrowcast by quickly and easily developing ads and signage for their displays--such as advertising and informational messages, for dynamic ad insertion alongside the content. DSB is designed for easy, flexible dynamic signage purposes and applications.

TV One C2-3000 Series

TV One has introduced four universal input/output seamless switcher/scalers. The new C2-3000 Series offers eight universal video inputs on HD15 connectors that can accommodate composite video, YC, YUV/YPbPr component, RGBHV, RGBS, or RGsB formats. Two universal program outputs provide one universal analog via an HD15 that can be set to any analog format and resolution and the second is provided as DVI-D. The preview output is an analog RGBHV signal that shows the selected input as a full screen image preview; CV and YC inputs are up-converted to RGBHV for viewing. The seamless switchers will start shipping in June.

Turning Technologies ResponseCard AnyWhere

Turning Technologies' ResponseCard AnyWhere is an LCD screen-equipped handheld receiver for presenters. The size of a deck of cards, it's the perfect solution for teachers, trainers, and meeting moderators who need a highly portable, preparation-free polling solution that doesn't require a projector or computer. This easy-to-use system allows for polling instantly with the press of a button. The conductor of the session asks a question to their audience, and attendees respond via a wireless keypad from multiple choice options presented with the question.

Tecom Electronics TechPod Presenter

Tecom Electronics' TechPod Presenter is a compact lectern. Its standard features include a high-end computer, DVD, 19- to 21-inch interactive screen that allows for annotation directly on screen, microphone, audio system controls, laptop docking port, USB connections, and an optional wooden cover. The TechPod Presenter is fully ADA compliant, and it comes equipped with electronically controlled hydraulic lifts for height adjustment. Interfacing easily with any projector or projection system, its compact design easily accommodates conference centers, lecture halls, and boardrooms.

ATM Cool-Vent

Active Thermal Management's Cool-Vent family consists of three products, Cool-Vent I, II, and III, each designed to quietly move air through different sized enclosures. A solid wood grill hides the fans that pull or push hot air out of the installation. The primary differences between the three are size and capacity. Cool-Vent I is a single-speed product controlled by a thermal switch that activates at 90 degrees F. Cool-Vent II and III are both controlled through a dual thermal switch assembly that turns on the fans at 90 degrees F and then switches to a higher, but still quiet, speed at 100 degrees F.

Technomad Mounting Yokes

Technomad's new mounting yokes are essentially "U" shaped arms that give the contractor more flexibility for outdoor loudspeaker installations. The mounting yokes improve loudspeaker support on round surfaces such as outdoor poles and columns to provide a more secure installation than traditional mounting brackets. Flexibility is further enhanced when the yokes are used with Allen Products PoleStar all-weather pole and column adapters, available as accessories through Technomad. Together, the Technomad mounting yokes and PoleStar adapters can maximize audio coverage by allowing the contractor to more accurately tilt or position the loudspeakers at the best angle.

McCauley Sound iDESIGN Loudspeakers

McCauley Sound's iDESIGN is a series of modular loudspeakers engineered exclusively for permanent installation. iDESIGN offers rotatable waveguides in the 60x40, 60x60, 90x60, 90x90 or 120x60 nominal patterns. While iDESIGN modules sound fantastic as stand-alone units, the entire line is designed to interoperate; iDESIGN modules are engineered to array seamlessly. Combining multiple modules to build ideal arrays is simple. Every iDESIGN module features steep trapezoidal angles to accommodate the widest range of array splays while a multitude of array frames designed specifically are offered to support nearly any array combination.

QuStream Integrity 600 System

QuStream's Integrity 600 modular video and audio processing and distribution system offers high component density and high-level redundancy. Features include redundant power supply and optional redundant control plus reference board for two power busses, two ethernet busses and two reference signals to every card in the system. Also two sets of fans with individual tachometers for early warning of potential fan failure. The Integrity 600 FRM603 chassis accommodates up to 20 signal processing cards in addition to the control/genlock boards, enabling higher density and reducing system cost.

Marshall MXL FR-404 Microphone

Marshall MXL Multimedia's FR-404 USB conferencing microphone is based on boundary microphone technology with an updated twist--you connect it to your laptop computer via USB for instant conference calls via Skype, iChat, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Unified Communications platform, Adobe Acrobat Connect, and virtually any other over the internet communications service. The FR-404 can also serve a dual purpose for reporters, musicians, and others who wish to bring sound from a large area easily into their computers and broadcast around the internet.

Powersoft K3 Digital Amplification System

The newest addition to Powersoft's flagship Digam K Series power amps and a model of volumetric efficiency, the ultra-compact new K3 measures only 1 RU by 14 inches deep and weighs only 17.6 pounds, yet produces 2,800 watts per channel at 2 Ohm. The K3 has a comprehensive-user friendly front panel display menu with an LCD matrix interactive display. Displays include load impedance, output power and mains voltage measurements for each channel.

JBL AE Compact Loudspeaker Series

JBL Professional's AE Compact loudspeaker series provides even more options for system designers and integrators in a variety of applications. The new AE Compact loudspeaker family consists of eight high-output, two-way loudspeaker models incorporating either single or dual woofers, including 5.25-inch, 6.5-inch, and 8-inch transducers. The high-frequency sections include a one-inch dome tweeter for two models (AC15 and AC25), while the remaining six models incorporate one-inch exit compression drivers. The AC18 and AC28 models offer the system designer a choice of rotatable Progressive Transition waveguides with coverage patterns of 90 x 50 degrees or 120 x 60 degrees.

Panamax PM Family

Panamax's performance-enhancing PM family of power management products include the M4300-PM, M5100-PM, M5300-PM, and M5400-PM. All components in the PM family are designed for high-definition systems and feature a distinctive, easy-to-understand icon system for comparing features and evaluating system performance. The M4300-PM power management system offers Level 2 power cleaning and Linear Filtration Technology to eliminate common symptoms of AC line noise, allowing equipment to perform at full capacity for an optimal home theater experience.

Toshiba TDP-SP1U Mobile Projector

Weighing only 4.8 pounds, Toshiba's TDP-SP1U mobile projector offers a bright 2,200 ANSI lumen display, SVGA 800 x 600 native resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and advanced connectivity options, in a portable form factor. The TDP-SP1U provides performance and features color fidelity and digital keystone correction.

ITC Instant Tool-less Connectors

ITC's high-performance, tool-less connectors are available in nickel and gold plated models. To ensure long-term, reliable connections, Instant Tool-less Connectors feature a captive center pin that securely grips onto the center conductor using a unique spring-tension system for maximum contact and conductivity. ITCs are also unique in their ability to be reused easily, making them a cost-effective alternative to soldering or compression systems. Both series of ITC connectors are available in F, BNC, and RCA connector configurations for 18 AWG RG6-type and 20 AWG RG59-type coax cable.

Hitachi CPX3 3LCD Projector

Hitachi's CPX3 3LCD mobile short-throw projector is specially designed for widescreen-format laptops and imaging applications that use 16:10 aspect ratios. The CPX3 features an HDMI terminal, allowing digital signals such as DVD players/recorders and HD to be transmitted digitally to the projector. Additionally, the CPX3 also offers a wide-angle lens, allowing the projector to be used close to the screen with no obstructions. It also allows for a large image to be projected in a small space.

Altinex MultiTouch Panels

Altinex's MultiTouch line of touchscreen panels is directly compatible with the Altinex MultiTasker modular AV system and can also be used with other manufacturers' equipment. Each MultiTouch panel provides a wealth of connectivity options designed to provide maximum flexibility for controlling sophisticated AV systems. Each panel is provided with dual RS-232 ports, two network ports, two to four USB ports, along with a built in wireless access network plus Bluetooth. Additionally, the MultiTouch panels' wireless access capability can be permanently disabled for use in secure environments.

Brahler AUTOMIC Discussion System

The Brahler AUTOMIC discussion system, known worldwide for decades for its flexibility and reliability, is back and better than ever. Besides getting a facelift, the AUTOMIC has many new features, including RF immunity, offered at a very affordable price.

SP Controls CatLinc HDMI

SP Controls' CatLinc HDMI is an inexpensive device which allows transmission of HDMI signals over Cat-5e cable. The device permits users to extend an HDTV display up to 150 feet away from an HDTV source, using two Cat-5e cables, thus eliminating the need to purchase expensive HDMI cables when placing a display away from the source. The CatLinc HDMI is capable of supporting DVI equipment when used with an HDMI DVI adapter. The product includes one transmitter, one receiver, two HDMI cables, and one power supply. The device handles signal rates up to 2.25 Gbits, supporting a 1080p display.

Grund Audio GT-LPB-36CX Subwoofer

A high-power subwoofer is now available from Grund Audio Design. Only 17 inches in height, the 2000-watt, double-18-inch GT-LPB-36CX has a sensitivity of 99 dB at 1w1m. The linear pressure base design utilizes a combination of Thiele/Small, LEAP and LMS parameters to direct the output forward, not interfering with stage SPL. Built for touring or fixed installation, its 13-ply Baltic-birch cabinet incorporates dado and rabbet construction. The unit is available in four finishes: black, white, exclusive natural finish, and black with rugged tour coat, two-part, epoxy finish.

Clockaudio Microphones

Clockaudio is debuting a significant number of new products, many of which are additions to existing ranges enhanced by new features and functionality, reflecting the input from its bespoke customers as well as its in-house research and development facility. Two new mini-shotgun models are being added to the 8100 Series, offering improved audio performance in a neat slimline design. Developed for speech purposes in a wide range of pro and live sound applications including places of worship, conference and boardrooms, both microphones are fully RF protected against interference from GSM devices.

Furman Merit-x Series

Furman's Merit-x Series provides convenient, heavy-duty, rack-mountable power conditioning solutions at a low cost. The three new units feature a more robust chassis with wall-wart spacing on the rear panel to accommodate bulky power transformers; increased AC noise filtration for a lower noise floor; and a higher joule rating for superior protection. The M-8x provides eight filtered and protected rear-panel outlets with a front-panel convenience outlet, and a protection OK indicator light.

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