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By Michael DominguezTHE PROS

The Telehook wall mount can be used for any flat panel application that requires multiple viewing angles.

The swing arm mount provides a full range of motion for both left/right and vertical tilt adjustments. The mount has a simple- to-install wall plate that provides plenty of structural integrity to extend the flat panel up to 28 inches from the wall.

The mount is also equipped with a full accessory hardware kit that is suited for any wall type installation. My installers also liked the wall template that was included with the mount. The template allowed for a quick and easy prep of the wall to ensure exact placement of the anchors used to penetrate the wall.


One of our clients suggested that this mount would be even better if it had a motorized option that would extend the mount forward in addition to a left/right turning capability. This motorized option would be ideal if you could have presets on a remote that would configure the placement of the mount based on the viewing application. This would default back to the flush wall position when the display is not in use, giving the end-user a very simple and elegant solution.


We had a challenging application in which we had limited mounting options due to the unique layout of the space. The flat panel location was located inside a wall cubby that limited any type of viewing from an angle. The Telehook was the perfect solution because it allowed for the display to extend far enough from the wall cubby with a full range of motion to accommodate any viewing location in the room.


This mount is great for any flat panel installation where viewing angles present a challenge. The mount is also esthetically pleasing and provides installers with all the necessary hardware to ensure an efficient installation.

  • Our customer loved the flexibility that allowed them to adjust the mount to accommodate any viewing angle within the living space. They also liked the ease of making any adjustments to the flat panel display and the smooth swing motion that allowed them to place the display flush with the wall when it was not in use.

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