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Technomad Speakers Broadcast at Courthouse

The Haskell County Courthouse has installed a new high-quality audio system for delivering news and entertainment to the local population.

The three-story, 100-year old building in Haskell, TX, received a major audio upgrade via four Technomad Berlin 9040 narrow dispersion loudspeakers. Mounted high on the building’s 60-foot-high roof, the Technomad system replaces an outdated PA system scarred by time and weather. Technomad also supplied a mixer and two wireless handheld microphones for the audio headend.

Like all Technomad loudspeakers, the Berlin 9040s are fully weatherproof. The loudspeakers are built to withstand the region’s extreme summer heat, intense year-round UV rays, and heavy rains and lightning storms of the spring and autumn months.

The Berlin 9040 loudspeakers, as installed by Tru-Sound Studio of Stamford, TX, face north, south, east, and west, projecting audio over an area that spans the equivalent of three city blocks. According to Ray Clark, owner of Tru-Sound Studio, the Berlin 9040 was the most ideal fit for the Haskell County Courthouse based on power, quality and durability.

“The judge wanted audio that would cover the entire courthouse square, so I recommended four Berlin 9040s,” Clark said. “They offer a highly focused, directional sound pattern, and function more like a spotlight than a floodlight to sharply increase pattern efficiency. The dispersion coverage from this height, along with the high efficiency rating of the 9040, provides the volume and audio quality we need.”

Clark anchored each loudspeaker at the center of the roof with quarter-inch chain for extra safety precautions. The installer ran wires down the exterior of the building, adding to the uniqueness of the installation. This allows courthouse staff to operate the system from both inside the courthouse and outside at the gazebo on the town square.

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