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NSCA Best Practices Conference Series

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NSCA is introducing a “Best Practices Conference (BPC)” series featuring business training, networking and manufacturer training designed for mid-level managers. The first BPC conference will take place September 30 - October 1, in Dallas, TX.

NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference witnessed several years of growth and the executives that attend BLC requested a more tactical, hands-on event for their management teams. BPC will provide four tracks based on finance, operations, sales, and project management. With time spent away from the office becoming a concern, NSCA developed the BPC to bring more specific business training to its members in a one-and-a-half day event. NSCA will host four BPC events in the fall of 2013, providing multiple opportunities for integrators to attend. The conference workshops, taught by industry experts, focus on business skills that will help integration firms improve efficiencies and increase profits.

BPC will also feature two components including manufacturer training and a roundtable discussion with industry peers. The roundtable provides an opportunity to have back-and-forth conversations on issues affecting integrators in specific regions and how NSCA can continue to provide information and solutions that will help integrators create a sustainable, profitable business.

“Systems integrators are positioning their businesses to strengthen their relevance with their clients,” said Ingolf deJong, President of General Communications and the NSCA Board of Directors. “During the roundtable discussions of these BPCs the NSCA team will focus on policy issues and other items that affect the real cost of doing business.”

The sessions and presenters have all been chosen by systems integrators. Upcoming BPCs will be held:

•September 30 - October 1: Dallas, TX
•October 17 - 18: Irvine, CA
•November 7 - 8: Foxwood, CT
•November 18 - 19: Chicago, IL

Registration for the one-and-a-half day event is $299 for NSCA members and $399 for non-members. Registration includes manufacturer training, networking events, and all courses.


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The NSCA Board of Directors has elected a Dave Ferlino to its executive committee. Ferlino assumed his role on July 1, 2015. Rob Simopoulos, president at Advance Technology, is beginning his first three-year term as a member of NSCA’s Board of Directors.

NSCA Summer Electronic Systems Outlook

NSCA’s Electronic Systems Outlook has been updated for Summer 2015, and now includes information based upon data from Q1 and Q2 of 2015, as well as forecasted information for the remainder of the year.