Symetrix Partner Control Concepts Introduces New DSP Service

Symetrix Partner Control Concepts Introduces New DSP Service

Long-term Symetrix collaborator Control Concepts, which has played an integral role in the development of Symetrix SymNet control modules for use with Crestron and AMX systems, has introduced a new DSP service.

  • Control Concepts is a provider of state-of-the-art services for AV installations in boardrooms, classrooms, entertainment venues, and more. In the latest phase of its evolution, the company has responded to the growing need for specialist audio DSP assistance — particularly that required for more rigorously complex implementations.

“DSP programming is a natural extension of the control system programming services that we have provided for almost two decades,” said Control Concepts president Steve Greenblatt. “We look to offer specialty services that are critical to ensuring a successful project outcome. The reality is that technology managers, consultants, and integrators need the ability to identify with a resource that can be used to maintain quality, provide consistency, deliver from project to project, tackle complex situations, and provide additional bandwidth as demands arise.”

The companies expect that Control Concepts customers will now have enhanced access to Symetrix programming resources, including its newly hired director of engineering, Dan Worth, a Symetrix-certified DSP programmer who has nearly two decades of experience in systems integration to his credit.

“Dan has programmed SymNet configurations as an integrator and undertaken SymNet certification, so he is a great addition to our staff. He will make a crucial difference as we go about spreading the word to integrators, consultants and end-users,” said Greenblatt.

A company with a customer base that spans corporate, pharmaceutical and educational applications, among many others, Control Concepts believes that it can make a particular impact both on typical and complex deployments.

“With increasingly sophisticated networked systems in play, there are a lot of variables to take into account for larger designs, and that is where our services can really make the difference,” said Greenblatt. “Not only do we have the expertise in-house, with Symetrix SymNet DSPs we also have the tools to achieve the seamless realization of these designs.”

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