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d&b Presents Seminars on Technologies for Worship

Oran Burns and Steve Jones from d&b audiotechnik's Education and Application Support team will present two one hour seminars at the Technologies for Worship Pavilion, Stand 2-M10, Earls Court 2. PLASA 2011 runs from 11th to the 14th September.

Oran will present 'Can you hear me at the back?' on September Monday 12 at 3 p.m. The seminar will address the problem: "How do you get the sound you've lovingly nurtured through the console to every member of the congregation?" Oran will take a look at the acoustic signal path from loudspeaker to the listener's ear, considering what part the room plays and how to minimize its potentially detrimental effect.

Steve will present 'Theatre sound source, a virtual shoot out' on Tuesday 13th September at 11 a.m. The seminar will address: "As a theatre sound professional, what do you want your audience to perceive and what characteristics does your sound system need to achieve that goal?" By taking a close look at the anatomy of both line array and point source systems, attendees will discover the respective strengths and weaknesses to reveal exactly what kind of tool each is.

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