New Products for August

  • Extron Electronics has introduced its MediaLink PoleVault System, an approach to classroom AV integration. The PoleVault System takes its name from the way the system securely mounts and conceals the switching and audio amplification components above the projector, providing tamper-resistant theft deterrence for the AV system. A twisted, pair-based design provides quick and easy installation using low-cost Cat-5 cables. The PoleVault system includes all the projector control, mounting hardware, switching, speakers, wall plates, and cabling needed for a complete AV system.

Aviom's Pro64 line of audio-networking products reportedly deliver a real-world solution that allows contractors and installers to transport streaming audio over Cat-5 on a network that transcends the limits of Ethernet. Powered by the company's A-Net audio-networking protocol, the Pro64 network is the only distributed audio system to deliver archival-quality audio with ultra-low latency, jitter, and wander, while simultaneously supporting continuously variable sample rates and all connection topologies.

Every Aviom Pro64 system is designed to distribute multiple channels of audio to as many locations as desired. A Pro64 system can distribute audio without being restricted by the physical locations of inputs and outputs or the direction of the signal flow. In auto mode, up to 64 channels (24 bits, 48 kHz) are distributed throughout the entire network.

TOA Electronics' 9000 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers

TOA Electronics has revealed its 9000 Series digital matrix mixer/amplifiers. Related to the A-9060DH (60W) and A-9120DH (120W) dual-channel mixer/amplifiers, flexible output power allows up to 50 percent of either amplifier channel to be allocated to the other channel. The flexible output power feature requires no configuration, as the power output is determined by the speaker load allowing contractors to address speaker zones with different speaker load requirements.

The 9000 Series combines a modular mixer, digital signal processor (DSP), and dual 70-volt amplifiers in a compact, 2-rack-space package. Digital signal processing highlights include 10-band parametric EQ, compressor, and multi-level ducking. The dual power amplifiers feature transformerless 70-volt outputs, ultra-low distortion (0.008 percent THD) and automatic load sharing between channels for efficient power distribution.

Biamp's Version 1.2 daVinci Software

Biamp Systems' version 1.2 of its proprietary daVinci control system software allows integrators to design graphic-based control interfaces for PCs or third-party remote controllers, giving end-users the freedom to manipulate various audio network functions via any of Biamp's audio-processing components, including the new Nexia VC and Nexia TC digital signal processors.

New to daVinci 1.2 is the Auto-Connect function which automatically locates a Biamp component and its network settings, and then loads component presets and control functions onto a GUI-based, full-screen layout.

Samsung's SpinPoint T133 Series Hard Drive

Samsung has introduced its 400GB SpinPoint T133 series. It includes the parallel ATA HD400LD and the Serial ATA with 3.0GB per second (Gbps) HD400LJ. For businesses with demanding data backup applications, the HD400LJ features serial ATA technology with 3.0GB Gbps I/O transaction capabilities, serial ATA native command queuing, device-initiated SATA power management, staggered spinup support and an optional ATA streaming feature set.

The parallel ATA HD400LD features an ultra ATA-133 interface, fluid dynamic bearing spindle motor technology, ATA security mode, ATA host protected area, and an ATA streaming feature. Both drives feature high-speed dual digital signal processor (DSP), ATA S.M.A.R.T. compliance, ATA automatic acoustic management and ATA streaming. All are equipped with a 7,200-rpm spindle speed, and 8.9-millisecond average seek time and an optional 16MB cache buffer.

Sharp's PN-655U Monitor

Sharp's 65-inch PN-655U monitor has a full 1920 x 1080 two-megapixel high-definition (HD) resolution for image reproduction. The PN-655U offers reliability for extended-use applications, complementing Sharp's line of professional LCD video/data monitors. The PN-655U monitor is designed for use in diverse commercial settings such as digital signage, medical imaging, CAD/CAM, and flight information displays.

To show multiple types of content sources in high definition, the PN-655U utilizes DFE (dual-fine engine) technology. The PN-655U has a 4-wavelength spectrum, cold-cathode fluorescent backlight that provides an enhanced color spectrum including deeper, more vibrant, and vivid reds.

Bosch's Wireless DCN

Listen's Bosch Wireless Digital Conferencing Network (DCN) touts fast and flexible mounting of a wireless access point (WAP) send/receive unit and removable battery packs for rapid recharging. The microphone delegate units are patterned after the design of Bosch's DCN next-generation solutions. The units can either be controlled by the delegates or by the operator remotely.

Bosch has engineered multiple-layer protection countering the threats of eavesdropping and unauthorized access. The system operates on the 2.4 GHz radio frequency band and produces crystal-clear sound due to a high signal-to-noise ratio and built-in error correction. Wireless DCN is also protected against interference from other wireless equipment such as mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, and WiFi networks, guaranteeing top speech intelligibility at all times.

Crestron'sTPMC-4X Touchpanel

Crestron has introduced its Isys I/O TPMC-4X handheld WiFi touchpanel. This latest addition to the Isys I/O Touchpanel Media Center line of products is the first handheld touchpanel controller that delivers true 2-way WiFi communication for complete system control. The TPMC-4X offers direct high-speed wireless communication with any ethernet Crestron control system, providing complete control of AV, lighting, HVAC, shades, and screens from anywhere in the building.

True 2-way communications allows dynamic graphics and complete system status feedback, providing an enhanced user experience. The Crestron TPMC-4X features a Windows CE.NET 4.2 operating system providing 802.11b WiFi communication throughout a facility on its wireless network. The 320 x 240 touchscreen display features 16-bit color graphics, dynamic text, dynamic graphics, translucency, and streaming video capabilities. Full 2-way WiFi communication allows users to view and set temperature in any room; confirm and adjust lighting levels; and monitor lobby entrances.

Crestron's TPMC-4X Touchpanel

Crestron has introduced its Isys I/O TPMC-4X handheld WiFi touchpanel. This latest addition to the Isys I/O Touchpanel Media Center line of products is the first handheld touchpanel controller that delivers true 2-way WiFi communication for complete system control. The TPMC-4X offers direct high-speed wireless communication with any ethernet Crestron control system, providing complete control of AV, lighting, HVAC, shades, and screens from anywhere in the building.

True 2-way communications allows dynamic graphics and complete system status feedback, providing an enhanced user experience. The Crestron TPMC-4X features a Windows CE.NET 4.2 operating system providing 802.11b WiFi communication throughout a facility on its wireless network. The 320 x 240 touchscreen display features 16-bit color graphics, dynamic text, dynamic graphics, translucency, and streaming video capabilities. Full 2-way WiFi communication allows users to view and set temperature in any room; confirm and adjust lighting levels; and monitor lobby entrances.

Canton's Vento Reference 1 DC Speaker

Canton's Vento Reference 1 DC is a large, 3 1/2-way standing speaker. Internally, the cabinet is separated into four isolated chambers, allowing for matching of internal volume to each individual driver. The lowest of these chambers, housing the large bass transducers, is a bass-reflex design, with a port that is precisely flared at both ends, and open to the cabinet's bottom for bass response linearity with virtually no port noise at any sound pressure level.

Deep bass is handled by a pair of 12-inch aluminum cone woofers, which have a linear excursion range of 2 3/8 inches for response and power handling. There are two 7-inch aluminum midrange drivers vertically flanking a single ADT-25 aluminum-manganese tweeter. The lower of these drivers reproduces the entire midrange spectrum from 180 Hz to 3 kHz, while the upper driver is active only from 180 Hz to 400 Hz to supplement output in the demanding mid-bass range.

CodexNovus HDcodex DML-200c Media Server

CodexNovus' HDcodex DML-200c is a commercial-grade, high-definition media server that streams video, audio, pictures, and graphics. The DML-200c has been designed to elevate the quality of video playback by providing SD and HD video at resolutions of up to 1080p. It offers flexibility and configuration options that support a wide range of media files. With 250GB of hard drive, the DML-200c will deliver multichannel 5.1 and 7.1 high-resolution digital audio capabilities.

Using its playlist functionality, the DML-200c will have the ability to sequence and play back interactive multimedia presentations combining video, audio, pictures, and graphics, making the DML-200c an ideal solution for public display applications.

Electro-Voice's PolarChoice Wireless Mic

The new PolarChoice boundary satellite wireless microphone from EV brings the benefits of wireless to the boardroom, conference center, or podium. The PC-boundary "sat" is a free-standing, boundary-style microphone. Turning the base over reveals the specially designed compartment for housing a Telex or Electro-Voice body pack transmitter. It is no longer necessary to cut holes in tables, run long cables, or compromise the architectural integrity of an installation.

The first in a new series of new PolarChoice boundary microphones, the mic includes four selectable polar patterns. The half-omnidirectional, half-cardioid, half-supercardioid and half-figure-eight patterns allow the user to configure the pickup pattern to match the application.

Haivision's H.264 Video Encoders/Decoders

HaiVision Systems' lineup of H.264 MPEG-4 AVC-compliant video encoders and decoders has seen several new product introductions. HaiVision's hai240 OSCAR H.264 encoder and decoder delivers video quality between 400 kbps to 1.2 Mbps video bit rate. HaiVision has also introduced the second revision of its hai200 TASMAN. The hai200 TASMAN is available as a "streamer" or as a "communicator." Achieving DVD quality at about 1 Mbps, the hai200 TASMAN is ideal for those wanting to deploy video over T1 lines or DSL.

HaiVision's hai1000 is a multi-stream system capable of very low latency encoding and decoding. Such a system is necessary for delivering multiple video feeds from one interactive suite to others across the nation. Also available for the hai1000 is the xGA Presentor technology. With the xGA Presentor users can transmit content from high-performance computer displays up to 1600 x 1200 resolution seamlessly from one suite or boardroom to another.

Mackie's SWA801z Speaker

Mackie has introduced a subwoofer into its growing family of active sound reinforcement speakers. The Mackie SWA2801z combines dual 18-inch drivers, a built-in 800-Watt FR Series power amplifier, and Mackie's active onboard electronics to achieve greater levels of performance and output that mere "powered" subwoofers.

Mackie active electronics are customized for each driver/cabinet/amplifier combination and provide complete, real-time control over functions such as crossover filters, equalization, as well as protection for both transducer and electronics. Active electronics are designed for flawless integration with full-range loudspeakers, which can be stacked or pole-mounted, whether the SWA2801z is positioned vertically or horizontally. XLR connections on the back of the SWA2801z provide stereo input, loop-through, and high-pass outputs, while a subwoofer level control allows the user to easily blend the SWA2801z with its full-range counterparts.

Mitsubishi's DX-TL4516 Digital Video Recorder

Mitsubishi's 16-channel DX-TL4516 digital video recorder features an included CD/DVD drive, motion detection, and JPEG 2000 compression, and is suited for 24/7 digital video surveillance in a wide array of applications where quality video performance and bulletproof reliability are required.

Other features of the network-ready DX-TL4516U include pan/tilt/zoom control of dome cameras, long pre-alarm recording, up to 1 terabyte (TB) internal storage capacity with optional 7 TB external storage, mirroring functionality, alarm partitions, and emergency recording. The Linux-based DX-TL4516U also boasts user-friendly GUI menus for easy recording setup and image management. The unit features synchronous audio recording and remote monitoring via the web or a PC running Mitsubishi's DX-PC55U remote software.

Multidyne's TP-RGB-1000 System

Multidyne's TP-RGB-1000 transports RGB/UXGA and stereo audio over more than 1,000 feet of UTP Cat-5, -5e, and -6 cables. The system supports UXGA resolutions of up to 1,600 by 1,200. The TP-RGB-1000 includes automatic equalization and anti-skew technology. The anti-skew feature permits video transmission over inexpensive data grade twisted pair cable. Expensive non-skew cable is not required.

The TP-RGB-1000 supports computer video graphical input signals on a female 15-pin HD connector and transmits the video on a shielded female RJ-45 connector. The unit also accepts PC audio on a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack. The TP-RGB-1000 supports video with 15-130 kHz horizontal scan rate and a 30-150 Hz vertical scan rate.

PerkinElmer's DLP Projector

PerkinElmer Optoelectronics has developed a Xenon-based, 1080p, single-chip, digital light processing (DLP) projector. By leveraging Cermax Xenon and 1080p resolution, Delta Electronics' new DLP projector offers true high definition, colors, and image quality, offering customers 1,000 screen lumens and a 12,000:1 contrast ratio through built-in Dynamic Black technology.

RoHS-compliant, PerkinElmer's Cermax Xenon's single-lamp design offers immediate on/off capabilities, 120 percent of the Rec. 709 standard, extended lifetime, and simple DC operation for reducing sequencing and flicker issues.

ProjectionDesign's F3+ Projector

ProjectionDesign's F3+ projector uses the company's DuArch architecture illumination system with dual high-power 300-watt lamps. It delivers brightness, fully configurable at up to 6,500 ANSI lumens. The projector's lamps can be set to operate individually in eco-mode for up to 8,000 hours, to help reduce cost of ownership.

@prodbody:The streamlined F3+ uses the truehigh-resolution SXGA+ DMD technology from Texas Instruments providing detailed images. The F3+ SXGA+ offers improved clarity to resolve minute detail from complex imaging, such as medical, scientific, engineering, and design visualization, almost double the resolution of standard XGA.

Quantegy's Black Diamond FHD3 FireWire Hard-Disk Drive

Quantegy's Black Diamond FHD3 FireWire hard-disk drive allows fast, easy transfer and storage of large audio, video, and data files with the speed, performance, stability, and versatility of FireWire technology. The FHD3 features multiple upgrades, including no fan, storage capacities up to 500 GB, and exclusive use of Seagate hard drives.

Compatible with Mac- and Windows-based workstation systems, the FHD3 features three interface types: FireWire 400 x 1, FireWire 800 x 2, and USB 2.0 x 1. The drive is also supplied with all 3-cable types and can be used either horizontally and stackable or vertically with the supplied cast-aluminum base. Other features include a LED power indicator on the power supply and an on/off switch on the back panel of the drive.

Rapco/Horizon's DigiPHY Line

Horizon Music and Rapco International have unveiled the EtherSound-based Professional Audio Networking devices under the "DigiPHY" model line. Non-proprietary, affordable Ethernet is the standard of transport, providing users with a high level of flexibility when networking the modules in daisy-chain, star, or mixed topologies. Accessories for harnessing DigiPHY high-fidelity network devices include "DuraCAT5e," a Cat-5e heavily jacketed ethernet cable (solid or stranded patch available), with available Neutrik Ethercon connectors.

A few of the features of the DigiPHY8mic include an 8-channel design in 1RU full metal jacket (i.e. no plastic to discolor or crack), all connections in the rear, faceplate with LED status and channel indicators, no fans or other moving parts (a.k.a. noisemakers, EMI generators, or common failure points). Available on each input are: 48V phantom power, programmable input gain ranges from 0 to 66 dB in 0.5 dB steps, maximum input levels to +10 dBu/2k, and 80 Hz low-cut and 12 kHz high-cut filters.

Sierra's Pro XL Routing Switcher

Sierra Video Systems' Pro XL routing switchers with wideband video and analog stereo feature 450 MHz bandwidth with flat response and IP connectivity for control via a standard TCP/IP socket connection. Sierra Pro XL products retain the advanced features offered in the original Sierra Pro family including matrix mapping and room grouping.

The Sierra Pro XL routing switcher family offers 5-channel video measuring 450 MHz at -3 dB in matrix sizes from 8 by 4 to 32 by 32. Each frame can be ordered as a 5-channel (RGBHV), 4-channel (RGBS), 3-channel (RGB/YUV), or 2-channel S-Video (Y/C) system with custom, video-only configurations also available. Balanced or unbalanced analog stereo audio is available in the same frame for 8 by 4 to 16 by 16 configurations and in a companion frame for larger models. The new IP/ethernet connectivity feature allows for control of the routing switcher on a Mac or PC using a standard TCP/IP socket connection with the ability to simultaneously connect up to six devices to the routing switcher.

StereoStone's Da Vinci Cinema Rock Speaker

StereoStone now offers its line of Da Vinci Cinema Rock high fidelity outdoor speaker systems in seven standard colors, as well as offering available color matching. The Da Vinci line uses computer-assisted designs (mlssa), and acoustical performance is enhanced beyond that of the typical box-type speaker by using a new semi-elliptic parabaloid internal shaped enclosure. All StereoStone products, including the Da Vinci line, are also triple-protected from outdoor elements, including protection from insects, rain, snow, and ice, as well as from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

All Da Vinci models include StereoStone's exclusive weatherproof bass-tuned port which extends bass frequencies down to 35 Hz, while the inside of the enclosure remains environmentally isolated. Additionally, a 1-inch Titanium tweeter using a neodymium rare-earth magnet is utilized to provide "directional" (adjustable up/down and left/right) high-frequency response.

StrandVision's Enhanced Digital Signage Technology

StrandVision has introduced administrator upgrades to its streaming digital signage service that enhance initial installation, updates, and system administration of videos and other features. The new installer automatically sets the playback machine to launch StrandVision services and log onto the digital signage Internet stream upon boot-up, there is no operator action required. Using features in the new installer, StrandVision digital signs automatically perform self-maintenance and resetting to manage memory usage in order to keep the digital signs uninterrupted and operating smoothly.

StrandVision has also introduced a screen-saver capability. It enables idle computers that would normally be in sleep mode to automatically log on to the StrandVision digital signage stream to display the same informational and promotional messages playing on their main signage system.

Tripp Lite's SmartRack Enclosures

Tripp Lite's new SmartRack enclosures and open-frame rack systems range in heights from 25U to 47U. They can be configured to order, complete with power, cooling, cable management, and KVM options, while standard preconfigured solutions are available for ordering as a single SKU. The cabinets feature quick-release door and side panels for convenient maintenance and split rear doors for improved access and reduced clearance requirements. Front access doors are reversible for installation flexibility, and the enclosures offer ample access in the roof and base for power and data cabling.

SmartRack enclosures offer continuously variable mounting depths within their overall 42-inch depth, which is optimal for server accommodation as well as related power distribution and cable management. Tripp Lite also offers 2- and 4-post 45U SmartRack open frame rack systems and a full line of rack accessories, including mounting hardware, panel kits, shelves, rails, stabilization kits, airflow, and cable-management options, patch panels and KVM consoles.

ViewSonic's WPG-100 Adapter; PJ658 Projector

ViewSonic's WPG-100 Wireless G presentation adapter and PJ658 LCD projector round out the company's wide lineup of projector solutions, and allow multiple computers to wirelessly connect to a projector to stream digital or audio content. With built-in 802.11b/g, DVI, VGA and LAN connectors, the WPG-100 eliminates the need to upgrade to a more expensive wireless projector.

Additional key features of the PJ658 include the MyScreen functionality that allows users to display a desired photo or company logo upon start up, along with the whiteboard mode that reduces the glare when projecting images on whiteboards. Featuring 2,500 lumens, the projector is ideal for virtually any environment--from brightly lit classrooms to shaded boardrooms--and offers a 500:1 contrast ratio, XGA 1024 x 768 native resolution, whisper mode and HDTV signal support.

Yamaha's EMX5016CF Powered Mixer

Yamaha's EMX5016CF 16-channel stereo powered mixer, which includes two 500-watt amplifiers, is targeted for bands, churches, and small rental applications. The EMX5016CF combines a mixer to balance sources, effects to add ambience to the sound, and amplification to drive house speakers, eliminating the need to employ a thicket of cables to connect different components that require careful level-matching for optimal performance.

The unit features single-knob input compressors, feedback eliminator, automatic digital graphic EQ, dual effect engines and a maximize function for the main output.

Triveni's SkyScraper Ensignia, Emergency Services Network

Triveni Digital has debuted its data broadcasting applications, SkyScraper Ensignia and SkyScraper Emergency Services Network. They are extensions of Triveni Digital's versatile content distribution platform. SkyScraper Ensignia's suite of digital signage products is designed to create, manage, and distribute commercial messages via satellite, DTV, or internet to individual displays and networks of displays.

The SkyScraper Emergency Services Network (ESN) is built around Triveni Digital software tools that enable public safety agencies such as police, fire, and EMS to deliver and display training videos and emergency alerts on large LCD screens. The system uses public television digital TV broadcast bandwidth as a unified and reliable communication network to reach the targeted agencies.

AKG's Perception 400 Microphone

AKG has introduced the Perception 400, a multi-pattern, large-diaphragm condenser microphone for musicians and audio engineers for both studio and live-sound applications. It encompasses selectable cardioid, omni, and figure-eight pickup patterns with switchable 10 dB pad, switchable bass cut filter, shock mount, and metal case.

The Perception 400 features two separate back-to-back, 1-inch-diameter vibrating surface capsules with gold-sputtered foil diaphragms. The externally biased "true" condenser capsules deliver greater performance consistency, especially in high temperature and humidity conditions.

Leprecon's AI-512 Architectural Interface

Leprecon's AI-512 Litescape Architectural interface is equipped with DMX in/out, an Ethernet connection for programming via a laptop, dual RJ connectors for connecting remote wall panels, and a USB port for show storage and software uploads. The AI-512 will now enable wall panels from the Litescape system to work in conjunction with Leprecon MX and VX series or DMX-512 controlled dimming installation systems.

The AI-512 software allows any system to be easily configured and programmed via a web browser, requiring no additional software. DMX snapshots for fast programming, the ability to merge DMX data with the control console, and a real-time status display for setup and configuration are just some of the other features.

Lutron's Sivoia QED Shade System

The Sivoia QED (Quiet Electronic Drive) controllable shade system by Lutron Electronics now provides the ability to group multiple roller shade panels on one electronic drive unit for enhanced control and greater efficiency.

The Sivoia QED roller 200CW controls up to six shade panels from one electronic drive unit (EDU). For commercial projects with large windows and banks of windows, this means installing multiple individual drives is not necessary. A single Sivoia QED roller 200CW drive can operate a shade measuring up to 200 square feet, weighing up to 35 pounds.

Da-Lite's Series 300 Frame System

Da-Lite has released its Series 300 lace and grommet frame system to the large-venue projection screen line. Constructed of 3-inch-diameter aluminum tubing, the Series 300 includes lacing cord and positioned "S" hooks for attaching a Da-Lite screen surface.

The Series 300 is finished with a black-powder-coated finish, or may be specified with the optional 7-inch-wide Pro-Trim masking cover that conceals the screen binding and lacing cord. The Series 300 is also available as a curved model with any degree of single-axis curve. The Series 300 is recommended for use with any of Da-Lite's front projection.

Atlantic Technology's ICTS 6LCR Ceiling Speaker

Atlantic Technology has begun shipment of the ICTS 6LCR, the company's first ceiling speaker designed for use as the front channels of a home theater or high-quality audio system. Thanks to its broad-frequency tweeter design and angled bass driver, the ICTS 6LCR gives installers and consumers the ability to use ceiling-mounted front-channel speakers without sacrificing performance.

One of the ICTS 6LCR's innovations is a specially vented and heat-sinked version of the company's 1-inch silk-dome tweeter that extends down well into the upper midrange, crossing over at 2.2 kHz to cover a wide portion of the sound spectrum.

AverMedia's AVerVision Software

AverMedia's AVerVision document camera application software is now compatible with MAC operating systems X.3 and X.4 and has also received official WHQL logo certification for use with Windows XP Operating Systems. The AVerVision MAC Application software is currently compatible with all AVerVision document camera models and readily downloadable free of charge directly from the AVerMedia website. The AVerVision application software has also received the official WHQL logo certification from Microsoft for compatibility on the Windows XP operating system.

The AVerVision application software allows users to connect their AverVision document camera to any MAC or Windows XP computer. With the software, users can control their AverVision document camera directly from their computer, to capture unlimited images, view or capture live video, or store on their hard drive (depending on hard-drive space).

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