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SunBriteTVs Stand Up to San Diego's Scorching Summertime Sunshine

Considering the amount of time, money, and other resources that go into engaging an audience, it would be imprudent to wait for the thousands of already engaged sci-fi fanatics, cosplayers, and other aficionados of other-worldliness who descend on the San Diego Convention Center every July to come in from the picture-perfect southern California weather.

  • Once inside, this annual gathering never fails to deliver on an action-packed agenda that includes panel discussions, announcements about the crowd's favorite television shows and movies and lots more. But this year, RedPeg Marketing used the outdoor-readiness of SunBriteTVs to get the fun started before the doors even opened.

Experiential marketing agency RedPeg Marketing installed four SunBriteTVs near the entrance to the San Diego Convention Center. The TVs were part of an interactive booth that also featured ziplining and obstacle courses that replicated the action-packed environment.

The SunBriteTVs were used to play new trailers of anticipated video game series. By commencing the interactive component of the gathering before participants even walk through the door, RedPeg Marketing was able to provide more opportunities for client engagement than would have been possible had they been limited to indoor televisions."We have been using SunBriteTVs for years because they are top in the industry," said Martin Codd, RedPeg Marketing's vice president of operations. "We recognize that SunBriteTV is an industry leader so we use the televisions wherever we go, whether it's a nationally televised football game, a big auto race or an experiential popup like today."

The most important thing about SunBriteTVs, according to RedPeg account manager Christina Goodall, is their ability to combat glare. That's important anywhere, but particularly so in an environment as sunny as San Diego. "They have no problem in any weather element," said Goodall.

Additionally, SunBriteTVs provide RedPeg's team with the peace of mind that comes with a reliable product. "One of the sayings I'm very fond of is, 'often imitated but never duplicated,'" said Codd. "There are a lot of manufacturers in this space that try to develop outdoor televisions with the ability to resist the glare of the sun while still being able to operate in all weather conditions. SunBriteTVs solved this puzzle. You're guaranteed to be able to see everything in HD no matter how bright the sunshine is, and they'll last in any weather. In the experiential industry, in the event world, that guarantee is what matters most."

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