Gunderman On Content at POPAI Event

  • At the POPAI’s Master Program in Chicago this past Tuesday, Jeff Gunderman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Eye Shop USA, presented EYE’s recommendations to shorten and tailor digital advertising content in order to reach consumers more effectively in the shopping environment. The presentation was based on EYE’s experience in reaching mall shoppers and went on to discuss the importance of active engagement in the mall. “When an advertiser tailors their message to the mall environment they have the opportunity to connect with shoppers both as they move around in the mall and when they take a break,” said Gunderman.
  • Gunderman pointed out that shoppers in the mall environment are either moving or stationery. While this may seem an obvious point, it does provide valuable insight into why it is so important for advertisers to take advantage of this simple fact and succinctly provide shoppers with information they can absorb on the move and in dwell times. “Short tailored digital messages encourage higher engagement with mall shoppers,” said Gunderman.
  • EYE recently completed an Eye tracking study which measured what shoppers actually look at in the mall environment. The findings highlighted two key areas of interest for all advertisers wanting to target the shopper audience.
  • - 68% of all advertising inventory is viewed within 10 degrees of the Shoppers' line of sight, so placement is key
  • - 48% of people who look at an ad once, take a second look at that ad, and the 2nd look is longer than the 1st –subsequent viewing is related to the attraction and relevance of the ad message to the Shopper, so creative is key
  • Gunderman wrapped up with a discussion on the importance of mall media placement on path to purchase. “From the moment shoppers enter the mall, and throughout their entire journey, maximizing reach is a key goal for advertisers who want to connect with consumers.” He stressed that the shopper path in the mall offers the opportunity to have multiple touch points and that a short digital ad loop dramatically impacts the advertising exposure.
  • Richard Winter, President, POPAI said, “POPAI seeks to provide our members with various opportunities to learn all aspects of the retail environment. We are pleased that Jeff was able to join us to speak on digital advertising from EYE’s perspective and give our members an inside look at the mall environment.”
  • About POPAI
  • POPAI is an international trade association for the marketing at retail industry. Founded in 1936, POPAI celebrates its 75th anniversary with over 1,700 member companies representing Fortune 500 brand manufacturers and retailers, as well as, marketing at retail producer companies and advertising agencies from six continents and over 45 countries from around the world. For more information about POPAI please visit
  • About EYE
  • EYE is an international Out-of-Home advertising company specialising in airport, retail, roadside and university media. Connecting leading brands with active consumers, EYE’s media reaches large-scale audiences throughout their daily journeys. EYE is America’s number one mall media network with media in over 300 malls across the country and over 100 of these properties sitting in the top 10 DMAs. EYE’s digital network includes 10 malls across the country. Eye Corp Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ten Network Holdings Limited, a publicly listed company which also operates Network Ten, the broadcaster of Australian free-to-air channels TEN, ONE and ELEVEN. For more information:

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