October 2012: Milestones in Digital Signage

The 7th annual Strategy Institute Digital Signage Investors Conference in New York on October 17-18, 2012 will follow the Oct 16th Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA) Summit. At the same time a first-ever, new Directory of Ad-based Digital Place-based Networks operating in North America will be provided to event delegates as part of publisher NewBay Media’s official launch of the new Directory.

Digital signage by all its names including Digital Place-based and Location-based Dynamic Media and others is visibly maturing. Value is being regularly proven in a range of uses. Perplexing elements are becoming more clear. Supply is stable. Consolidation, aggregation and mergers are occurring as economies of scale and operational efficiencies are sought and activated. All of the industry numbers including the shift of ad spending and the corporate use of place-based dynamic signage point toward robust growth

The annual Investor Conference focuses on the status and outlook for Digital Signage in the context of its capitalization and investment-worthiness. The format of the two-day event make it easy for delegates to make connections and have discussions with the industry influencers and insiders who attend. Presentation by industry veterans will address the major touch points related to investment in the sector. For example:

• Advertising Outlook (Starcom, DPAA Europe)

• Effectiveness of the Medium (DS-IQ, Care Media Holdings)

• Merger/acquisition and consolidation (Searchlight Capital, Barclay’s Capital)

• Recapitalization & Merger structures (BroadSign, ComQi)

• Large networks outlook (PRN, National CineMedia, VeriFone)

Co-Chair Adrian Cotterill notes that “many in the digital signage industry agree that this conference is always one of the highlights of the year. The agenda is once again well suited to both the industry novice and the more experienced alike”. He adds that “Over the two days we have an agenda made up of a good cross section of investors, networks, agencies and suppliers that should keep everyone happy and informed. In fact we have more investors' speaking and attending than we ever have before.”

Event Co-Chair Steve Nesbit says, “The event will provide insights for all attendees. Investors will hear about the state of the industry, future trends and why Digital Signage is a place to invest. Suppliers will get an update on the industry plus they will hear from A++ investors on the current view of the capital raise market. Users and the industry media can get the latest and greatest insights on targeting, measurement and content creation strategies.”

Delegates will benefit from information-rich presentations, experienced executives and the critical examination of the sector. Kurt Hall, Chairman & CEO of National CineMedia notes that "While there are a few Digital-Out-of-Home success stories, lack of meaningful reach, well-aligned partnerships with venue owners and a commonly accepted impression currency continue to create barriers to the creation of attractive business models."