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Sencore Announces ISF Level II — Advanced Video Calibration

  • SIOUX FALLS, SD--ISF Level II is a two-day Professional Video Systems Calibration workshop designed to provide a hands-on experience in the skills required to properly calibrate modern high definition video systems - practical knowledge that can start generating revenue for your business immediately.

Benefits of becoming an ISF Level II Advanced Video Calibration Professional:
• Obtain ISF Level II Advanced Video Calibration Certification
• Two full power-packed days of hands on training
• Exposure and practice using a variety of the world's best display devices, processors and measurement equipment
• Access to the exclusive ISF Advanced Video Calibrators' forum, which provides service menu data and calibration advice directly from other ISF professionals
• A Special listing of your services and certification listed on the Web site
• ISF Advanced lead referral service

Professional Certification Requirements:
• Prior ISF Certification is desired, or the completion of an Introduction to Video Calibration course taken at CEDIA or other venue
• Two full power-packed days of hands on training
• Attend the entire Video Calibration workshop
• Complete and pass Video Calibration online exam within 4 weeks of your course date
• Submit 3 sample video calibrations for approval via the Web

General Course Information
ISF or their sponsors provide lunch on each day of the training. Attendees must cover their travel costs including airfare, hotels, parking and transportation, as well as breakfast and dinner. ISF will provide all necessary classroom and workshop material.

Hours of each day: 9am to 6pm.

About the Course:
The ISF Level II Advanced Video Systems Calibration workshop is a professional program designed to take video calibrators to the next experience level. The course includes two full days of supervised, hands-on full calibration of multiple display devices and video processors, plus presentation of advanced calibration topics. The ISF level II Advanced workshop provides you with the necessary skills to start offering calibration services immediately upon completion of the course.

During the interactive session you will be working with professional calibration equipment from manufacturers such as Minolta, Photo Research, Klein and Sencore. In addition, you will receive hands-on training on more than a dozen different types of displays including, LCD and Plasma panels, DLP and LCD projectors (with and without an anamorphic lens), various high end video processors, and multiple high end Blu-Ray, HD DVD and SD DVD players - all loaded with the latest HD and SD test discs. ISF Level II Advanced emphasizes color management systems and how to best adjust them to achieve true reference colors and hit any color standard.

Selling your services - You will also learn client management, time management, managing the calibration process, how to market your services, and appropriate billing practices. Additionally, you will participate in mock client interview role playing exercises to hone your skills in client acquisition, retention, and referral building.

As soon as you complete this course you will be registered to access the ISF Advanced Video Calibrators' forum at This is a great place to stay in tune with the latest news in display and processor technology. You will additionally be registered for access to Sencore's color calibration library.

You need to bring a laptop to class, as you will almost immediately be given the opportunity to load the very latest, advanced software for use throughout the course. You are welcome to bring your own calibration tools to class. However, if you are interested in purchasing equipment, this class will help you identify the right tools to fit your needs.

Please register as soon as possible as space is limited at