Starin Partners with Neets

As a proven performer in Europe with more than 100,000 systems deployed, the Denmark-based company Neets has focused on making the process of controlling all AV simpler and more efficient. Now Neets is entering the North American market with Starin as the supporting supply partner to integrators.

Neets Project Designer Software makes controller configuration straightforward, without code complexity. Designers can access controllers via an internet interface, and users can control the AV system via a smartphone/iPad interface or easy to set up button control panels.

Starin and Neets recognize the essential trifecta in a successful integrator partnership: dependable product, dedicated support, and profitable programs. Versatility to meet the end-users' individual needs is also how Neets looks to set itself apart. Starin is committed to creating the foundation to make Neets AV controllers a staple for the integrator that is looking for better workflow and deliverable simplicity. Complexity can encumber the efficient delivery of a system, and Neets works for streamlining.

"Starin will support our dealers throughout the integration process," said Bill Mullin, Starin CEO. "Clay Stahlka, our technical marketing manager, leads a team for training, program-assist, and help desk, to be there for every level of dealer. It's all about support, isn't it?"

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