Starin Announces Collaboration Renaissance meet-UPs -

Starin Announces Collaboration Renaissance meet-UPs

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Starin is hosting a series of special events about the collaboration culture shift, called the Collaboration Renaissance meet-UP.

This Philadelphia and Baltimore first leg of the tour will featuring live active environments including the Barco ClickShare CSM and ClickShare-Inside projectors, Revolab’s leap-frogging Executive Elite wireless and new FLX-UC for unified communication, WOW Vision’s Collab8 eco-system, BenQ interactive touch displays and projectors, and the pixlescape canvass of 4K display from JVC.

“These tours are meant to be a discovery experience for architects, designers communications consultants, corporate, and educational tech mangers, as well as our technology providers.” stated Bill Mullin, president of Starin. “Collaboration isn’t just a new word for meetings and conferences, it is a shift in how people get things done. A dynamic means of interacting for greater outcomes in business and education. This forum is a chance for exchange and imbibing. Yes, we’re going to feed folks well and in a couple cities go out to see the Red Sox and Orioles play ball. Hey, it’s not strictly business.”

The Collaboration Renaissance tour comes to the Warehouse Camden Yards in Baltimore, May 13th (with game tickets) and May 14th at the WaterWorks Restaurant in Philadelphia.


Starin Demos Collab8 at Showcase Meet-Ups

WOW Vision’s Collab8 will be featured in a series of Collaborative Tech Showcase Meet-Ups held by Starin in Baltimore, MD on May 13 and Philadelphia, PA on May 14. The technology will also be featured at the Bluewater Technologies Expo in Detroit, MI on May 21 and the InfoComm on Campus conference at MIT in Cambridge, MA on May 29.

Starin’s AVmeetUP

Bringing the dynamic of a tweet-up, where there’s an exchange of ideas and social interaction, the AVmeetUP events from Starin prove to be a cordial atmosphere for industry peers to get together.

Starin Ships Barco ClickShare

Starin, the exclusive U.S. supplier for Barco’s ClickShare, shipped out the first batch of systems this week to integrators who bought in to the demo program at InfoComm.