Intro to Small Scale DS Webinar

Herman Electronics is presenting “An Introduction to Small-Scale Digital Signage” Webinar, August 31st, for insight into small-scale Digital Signage, the devices you need to be aware of, and successful & profitable marketing strategies.

Say the words "Digital Signage" and most professionals immediately think about airports and hospitals, stadiums or shopping malls. Digital Signage (DS) is much more than that; it's one of the fastest growing segments of the installed A/V industry. DS is ubiquitous; from the 6-inch screen on the gas pump at your neighborhood service station to the 50-inch HD screen in an upscale salon and spa. In practice there is very little about small and mid-scale digital signage that's substantially different from the technology of distributed video in the residential environment.

In this presentation participants will learn about the breadth of DS influence on modern life and the many ways that a DS system can be designed and implemented. Attendees will gain an understanding of the components used in a DS installation including display and source components, distribution and wiring infrastructure. The importance of resolution as it pertains to high definition video in a DS project and the differences between analog and digital display technologies will be explored. Finally, the webinar will examine on-board versus central sourcing, IP-Addressable solutions, and the importance of RF-based infrastructure to future applications and scalability.

1 CTS RU can be earned by attending.

Webinar date and time: Tuesday, August 31st 2PM (EST)

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