New Products: April 2012

New Products: April 2012

Haivision Kraken

Haivision Network Video’s Kraken ISR transcoder was designed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems that capture full-motion video (FMV ). Its ultra-low latency and real-time transcoding capability make Kraken ISR appropriate for demanding video-delivery applications within the education, enterprise, and military markets, especially those that enable control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The Kraken ISR processes metadata bundled with H.264 and MPEG -2 FMV for downstream systems, resulting in low latency and frame-accurate synchronization. A flexible pipeline design provides FMV with KLV metadata for viewing by real-time monitoring systems, with the ability for additional systems to re-inject new metadata into the FMV stream.

Broadcast Pix Video Control Center 3.0

The Video Control Center 3.0 software for Broadcast Pix’s Granite and Mica Video Control Centers features optimized production control on a touchscreen, voice automation control of switching and graphics, customizable virtual sets, and automated, dualchannel graphics that include Daktronics scoreboard integration. The new virtual set software enables up to eight cameras to have virtual backgrounds, plus three key layers on top for picture-in-picture (PiP), titles, and animated logos. Up to three PiP boxes on an animated background can each contain a virtual set, and any can be zoomed out to full screen. Broadcast Pix provides several backgrounds, but any photo can be used. Plus, the built-in image editor can crop and blur an image to simulate depth of field.

Wowza Media Server 3

Wowza Media Server 3 is the next generation of Wowza’s software platform that provides a single extensible foundation and valueadded components for media delivery. The software offers broad any-screen coverage for Flash- and Silverlight-capable computers, tablets, phones, set-top boxes, media players, and game consoles. With Wowza Media Server 3, formerly hard-to-implement features such as adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming, time-shifted playback, and integrated rights management are made simpler and more cost-effective.

Utah Scientific UTAH-400

Embedded-audio signal processing for UTAH-400 routing switchers comes courtesy of a new line of I/O boards that rely on advanced field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology to perform signal processing. Embedded audio supports a more streamlined system overall, but its inflexibility can make it difficult to shuffle audio channels as needed in larger integrated facilities where quick changes to live feeds are common. Utah Scientific has built advanced signal processing into the router’s I/O board, meaning it can deserialize and decode a signal into its component data streams without compromising the router’s overall operational reliability. As a result, audio channels are shuffled automatically without an outboard device or manual intervention. The enhanced UTAH-400 routing systems also incorporate a virtual control panel to provide an easy-toread display of the video signals and their associated audio positions.

Barix Annuncicom PS1

The Annuncicom PS1 doubles as an IP paging and intercom device, with a simple and compact design appropriate for use in fast-paced video production environments. A push-to-talk button allows technical directors to facilitate camera movements and communicate with production pertsonnel while remaining mobile. Camera operators can mount a belt clip to the back of the device for on-cable attachments. Power over ethernet (PoE) allows studio and production personnel to move around the studio freely, using a single-wire, high-bandwidth IP connection.

Harris HView SX Pro

The HV iew SX Pro extends Harris’ HV iew multiviewer range, delivering a compact new signal processing and monitoring option for control room environments. Its high-density design accommodates more sources and outputs in fewer rack units to reduce system and installation costs. Harris customers can use the HV iew SX Pro as a standalone solution or integrated within Harris Platinum routers. Harris engineered the tighter integration of routing systems with multiviewers, audio processing (mux/ demux), frame synchronization and advanced input/output options in a single frame to simplify deployments, reduce space, and lower operating costs. The HV iew SX Pro offers low-latency processing and enhances image quality through Harris MicroFine scaling technology. Built-in control features maximize display options, from single-surface video wall configurations to multi-unit or multi-room systems.

DVEO MultiStreamer DIG/IP

An affordable Linux-based transcoder, encoder, and live streamer, the MultiStreamer DIG/IP (micro) accepts uncompressed SDI or HD-SDI video from cameras, editing systems, or video servers, and supports simultaneous IP input. It encodes the video to multiple H.264/ MPEG -4 AVC standard streams and streams them to set top boxes, content delivery networks (CDNs), remote video servers, iPads, and iPhones. The IP transport streams can be provided with most industry standard protocols, including UDP, RTP, or IGM P and wrappers such as HLS, RTMP, and RTSP. The system transcodes up to one 1080i or 1080p HD stream plus and one 720p HD stream at six Mbps, and two SD streams at two Mbps.

Clear-Com Tempest2400

Clear-Com has unlocked the Seamless Roaming capability for its Tempest2400 digital wireless intercom. Tempest Seamless Roaming will be most applicable in large mixed facilities that are separated by sizeable distances, such as campus buildings, multi-studio environments, and/or outdoor venues. Tempest Seamless Roaming is meant for individuals on the production team that must move freely and wirelessly from a given coverage area to another without interference or dropout of intercom communication. Base stations are linked together with the newest ZSync (seer synchronization) technology. The ZSync technology provides a zero sync reference that coordinates the hopping patterns of all connected base stations every time the system is powered up, irrespective of random time variation in power up sequences, to provide improved system performance and a seamless wireless experience. This allows users to migrate between as many as 16 different Tempest2400 coverage areas or zones.

ViewCast Niagara 9100

The Niagara 9100 series is a sleek, 1RU, HD video encoder platform. This new video encoder series streams HD video and enables service providers, broadcasters and enterprises to power digital content for existing and new audiences in the mobile, web and IPTV environments. Optimized for digital media applications, including live streaming/simulcasting, webcasting, mobile TV, archiving/video on demand and IPTV, the Niagara 9100 uses multi-core CPU technology. It can be configured for a variety of video and audio inputs, including HD-SDI, component Y/C, and composite video with balanced, unbalanced, embedded, and AES /EBU audio, providing exceptional performance.

Middle Atlantic HRF Series

Middle Atlantic Products’ HRF Series half rack family of products serve to help develop an ECIA standard for the half-width rack format. The HRF Series half racks incorporate the dimensions of the proposed standard feature, a low profile design and compact dimensions. An offset cable tie area keeps the overall width to 10 5/8. These dimensions allow the HRF Series to be used with half rack equipment from various manufacturers. The HRF Series half racks also feature a strong welded frame that enables equipment to be pre-loaded and transported to the installation site.


Video Mount Products’ FP-MF TB multi-just mid-size flat-panel wall mount with tilt holds medium-sized flat-panels from 27 to 42 inches and up to 100 lbs. The FP-MF TB also has adjustable tilt of -5 degrees to +15 degrees while keeping the flat-panel close to the wall.


JVC’s TK-T2101RU is a costeffective true day/night indoor analog mini dome security camera with integrated infrared LEDs for performance in low-light conditions. With 10-bit digital signal processing and a 1/3- inch high resolution IT CCD, the analog TK-T2101RU provides 600 TV lines of resolution with a 52 dB signal-to-noise ratio. The 2.8-10.5 mm variable focal lens is partially surrounded by 14 IR LEDs; in low light, sensitivity is 0.05 lux for color, 0.015 for black-and-white, and 0 lux with active IR LED. The TK-T2101RU also features up to four areas of motion detection and up to eight zones of privacy masking, plus high light compensation (HLC) and back light compensation (BLC), automatic gain control, and digital noise reduction.

Yamaha DXR Series

Yamaha DXR Series active loudspeakers are comprised of four full-range models that deliver quality sound pressure levels and high-definition sound in a more compact, versatile design. High-efficiency 1,100-watt Class-D amplifiers and Yamaha-mastered DSP, combined with an intelligent onboard mixer with flexible in/ out connectivity and a functional enclosure design, makes the DXR Series appropriate for frontof- house, floor-monitoring, rigged applications, and other commercial applications.

Crestron TPMC-3SM, TPMC- 3SMD

Crestron’s TPMC-3SM and TPMC-3SM D petite 2.8-inch touchscreens provide the same complete control functionality as the larger TPMC-4SM line while offering a discreet, stylish, and affordable way to add the latest Crestron control technology. Easily installed on a single gang wall box, the TPMC- 3SM enables users convenience of one-touch control of lights, climate, and multiform audio. TPMC-3SM works with Crestron Fusion RV software to deliver a room scheduling solution for office buildings and other large facilities.


AKG’s IVM 4500 IEM in ear monitoring system includes highend radio electronic and a manual radio signal attenuator for more RF dynamic, enhanced frequency setup to show the number of free channels and supported TV channels, and quick frequency change functions to support monitors. Battery life for the IVM receivers has been tested up to 10 hours. IVM 4500 IEM features antenna diversity, with two matched antennae and a reference radio electronic design. IVM 4500 IEM s audio quality comes from a headphone amplifier, ultra linear frequency response, and dual mode for individual mix.

Hitachi CP-WX8240, CP-X8150

Hitachi’s CP-WX8240 and CP-X8150 3LCD installation series projectors offer higher brightness, versatile connectivity, networking capability, along with ease of use. The CP-WX8240 and CP-X8150 provide an array of connection options, including two HDMI inputs, which address the increasing demand for digital connectivity. Both models have motorized focus, zoom, and lens shift, enabling easy adjustment of the image. An optional wireless adapter enables users to connect their PC to the projector via a wireless network. This adapter supports IEEE 802.11b/g and the latest 11n. In addition to the 1.5x zoom lens that is supplied with both projectors, three additional lenses are available to accommodate a variety of projection distances.

Extron XPA 4002

Extron’s XTRA series XPA 4002 two-channel power amplifier is a compact, 1U, convection cooled amplifier delivering 400 watts rms per channel, and it is available in low impedance and 70 volt versions. The XPA 4002 is an Energy Star qualified amplifier. It also features Class D ripple suppression technology that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifiers.

Clear-Com HME DX210

The HME DX210 digital wireless intercom is designed with spectrum-friendly technology, and operates without RF interference, ensuring clear audio and a secure connection for the entire production team. Not only does the HME DX210 increase accessibility and wireless mobility, but it also accelerates decisionmaking and productivity. HME DX210 system can integrate with any venue’s existing Clear-Com partyline and other third party systems, offering a scalable solution for the varying demands of each classic and contemporary theater performance.

Gefen’s ToolBox USB 2.0

Gefen’s ToolBox US B 2.0 LR (long range) four-port extender hub extends up to four high-speed devices up to 330 feet (100 m). This allows users to operate peripherals away from the computer for setting up a remote workstation.

Mojave MA-101SP

Mojave Audio’s MA-101SP is a matched pair of MA-101fet cardioid condenser microphones. Each MA-101fet in the matched pair provides full-bodied reproductions of instruments without the shrillness and high frequency artifacts often encountered with modern condenser microphones. The microphones warm FET circuitry and externally polarized capacitor mic element combine to deliver low noise and high quality performance. The MA-101fet features omni and cardioid polar patterns by way of interchangeable capsules and a three-micron thick, 0.8-inch diameter gold sputtered diaphragm. The microphones operate on standard 48 V phantom power.

Planar Matrix MX46HD 46

Planar Systems’ Matrix MX 46HD 46 LCD video wall system delivers 3D visualization, flicker-free images, contrast, and brightness over a wider viewing area than other 3D technologies. Unlike the active-shutter glasses required to view competing 3D video wall and projection technologies, Clarity Matrix 3Ds passive glasses reduce eye strain, weigh less and don’t require batteries. They are also less expensive than active-shutter glasses. The Clarity Matrix design features the easy axis mounting system and off-board electronics that reduce the install depth to 3.6 inches/93 mm. The Clarity Matrix 3Ds 46-inch LCD panels can be tiled to create large, virtually seamless video walls for individual or group data visualization, molecular modeling, oil and gas exploration, architectural renderings, and broadcast production.


NEC Display has added the 24-inch AS241W to its AccuSync Series of value-driven desktop monitors. This series is for small-to-mediumsized businesses, schools and government offices. The LED-backlit AS241W offers a full range of environmental compliance, including EPEAT silver, Energy Star 5.1 and TCO 5.2 ratings. This full HD display boasts a quick five ms rapid response time that delivers virtually uninterrupted, undistorted viewing of high-speed, full-motion video.

Hosa Pro Speaker Cables

Hosa Technology’s Pro Speaker Cables feature 14 AWG oxygen-free copper (OF C) conductors for enhanced signal clarity and a black PVC jacket for durability, flexibility, and low visibility on stage. Hosa Pro Speaker Cables are available with Rean loudspeaker connectors by Neutrik AG, which incorporate silver-plated contacts for signal transfer, a glass-reinforced housing for reliability, a twist-lock mating system for secure connectivity, and chuck-type strain relief for cable retention.

Mitsubishi XL7100U, WL7200U, UL7400U

Mitsubishi Electric’s XL7100U, WL7200U and UL7400U highbrightness LCD projectors are designed for large venues. With up to 6,000 lumens, multiple lens options, and a range of resolutions, these projectors can display large-screen presentations, film, data and images. All three models offer 360-degree projection and geometric warping, so images can be created on curved screens or surfaces, in either front- or rear-projection mode, ahead, behind, on the floor or a ceiling. Each LCD projector varies in brightness and resolution for increased installation flexibility. The XL7100U offers 1,024x768 resolution with 6,000 lumens; the WL7200U offers 1,280x800 resolution with 5,500 lumens; and the UL7400U offers 1,920x1,200 resolution at 5,000 lumens.


JBL Professional’s VTX V25 features two 2,000-watt, 15-inch differential drive woofers mounted in diecast aluminum baffles with four eight-inch differential drive mid-range transducers and three dualdiaphragm dual-voice-coil compression drivers mounted on a third generation waveguide and radiation boundary integrator assembly. The D2 dual driver improves the sound and performance of high frequencies and overcomes the limitations of conventional compression driver technology, such as limited high frequency extension due to mass of the diaphragm and voice coil, and distortion characteristics that arise due to dome breakup modes. JBLs radiation boundary integrator combines the high frequency and mid-range sections of the VTX V25, so the transition across each band is uninterrupted and undistorted. A tuned resonant absorption chamber is integrated into the waveguide, effectively eliminating throatrelated cancellations due to back pressure from the midrange section.

Premier Mounts’ MTM System

Premier Mounts has introduced a mounting system for Christie Micro Tile. This design for the modular mounts reduces the amount of components, bringing down cost and allowing for flexibility and ease of installation. The simply designed MTM mounting system overcomes pitfalls such as expense, weight, and complication due to its minimal, yet effective key components. The MTM stands modular in design and allows any configuration to be installed using various sized wall brackets to configure the desired layout. The system is able to install on multiple surfaces and can tilt to various angles with custom angled wall brackets. Floating wall adjustment brackets are the foundation to this mounting system as they create a flat and plumb surface. For weight and cost consideration, the multi-tile mounts allow three Micro Tiles to be pre-installed directly to the mounting base then raised onto the wall brackets.

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