IBASE Releases 6-Display Digital Signage Player

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IBASE Technology (USA), Inc. has released the SI-58, a slim system designed for multi-display digital signage applications.

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The SI-58 player is only 1.2-inch thick, providing an ideal packaging for deployment with space constraints. SI-58 can drive up to six HDMI video outputs in HD 1080p resolutions. With the built-in 480 Core AMD Radeon E6760 GPU and the AMD “Eyefinity” technology, SI-58 is able to support multiple independent display outputs simultaneously, enabling the delivery of an immersive digital signage experience.

The SI-58 is powered by Intel’s 2nd Generation Core Mobile Processor and supports i7/ i5 CPUs. The SI-58 incorporates a segregated flow ventilation system that prevents the accumulation of contaminants on the electronics. The dual redundant Maglev fans are designed to perform 24/7 operation over extended durations reliably.

The SI-58 system may be wall mounted or used as a desktop system. Gigabit Ethernet and (optional) Blue Tooth/ WiFi connections are available. Three USB 2.0 ports, analog audio and an RS-232 interface round out the I/O set. The Dual Channel DDR3-1333 system memory can be expanded up to16GB and a removable external 2.5-inch HDD drive bay. The super slim 10.8-inch (W) x 10.8-inch (D) x 1.2-inch (H) chassis enables the unit to disappear into tight spaces behind a wall mounted display.


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