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IHSE USA Introduces Draco Tera Compact Switchers

IHSE USA Introduces Draco Tera Compact Switchers
  • IHSE USA is offering new multi-format solutions for HD-KVM switching of keyboard, video, audio, USB 2.0, data and mouse signals, to be demonstrated live at Content and Communications World (CCW) held at the Javits Convention Center, NY, November 14-15 (Booth 736).

Centerpiece to the product offerings will be the Draco tera family of matrix switch solutions featuring one of the broadest selections of HD-KVM routers - including the newest Draco tera compact family. Designed to provide high return on investment, the Draco tera compact supports the highest quality DVI-D, VGA, Audio, USB and serial data using the same 1RU frame for a 16/32/48 port HD-KVM switching.

The Draco tera compact family of HD-KVM matrix switchers combine the features of adaptability, reliability and serviceability that AV professionals demand. The Draco family of matrix switchers are designed for small and medium post production workgroups where people need to easily setup and share a large number of display screens or CPU’s. The Draco tera compact can also be used to manage video distribution in classroom facilities, graphic design studios, or other command and control decision rooms.

Because Draco tera compact matrix switchers offers a plug-and-play solution to save setup time, these matrix solutions offer cost advantages by simplifying the complexity of input and outputs needed between computers and displays, the company says. Traditionally, buyers of KVM equipment must manually select a fixed I/O matrix size to patch input and output cables between CPU and console devices; now, the Draco tera compact eliminates this problem with its unique dynamic flex-port technology. With flex-port technology, each bi-directional Cat5e/Cat6 port is automatically configured through the frame controller with a unique input or output port number once an extender is discovered. Using Draco CATx extenders, any CPU or CONSOLE extender can be hot-plugged into any port on the matrix, thus making it easy to create any combination of rectangular or square size input and output configurations.

The Draco tera compact provides an intelligent management solution with every Draco tera compact switch. Setup and installation is simplified between the Draco extenders and the switch controller OS. As Draco extenders are connected to the matrix ports and powered, a discovery process reports the active device to the switch controller with a unique identification number (ID) and stores the associated extender properties. The controller recognizes the device type and assigns it properties as a CPU or console extender. Once the extender is registered, it can be relocated to any other port without losing properties. Unique properties such as dual-head, USB 2.0, digital audio and serial port details can be accessed through the OSD with a single key stroke. Short-cut functions like user defined favorite lists, on screen display access from every console, access rights management and multi-head switch commands allow for immediate user adjustments or diagnostics.

The Draco compact series of extenders provides instant screen refresh for performance in source-to-source switching. With the company's exclusive CODEC design, switch times occur almost instantaneously with none of the visual resync or timeout image displays found in IP-type switchers, IHSE says. The Draco tera compact switcher can perform as both a router and repeater. Distances of up to 140m (400 ft) on either input or output side using Cat5e can be achieved, thus providing an aggregate of 280m (800 ft) between CPU and Console devices.

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