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Analog Way & Medialon Manager Stage

  • Analog Way and Medialon have introduced Manager Stage for Analog Way. This new application software is designed to control the complete range of Analog Way Seamless Switchers such as the newly introduced Di-VentiX, the EventiX or the popular Octo range.
  • Based on the industry standard Medialon Manager software, Manager Stage for Analog Way is a solution designed to control multi-screen live events while bringing ease of use and intuitive user interface to take full advantage of the many features of the iX range, the Hi Res. Presentation Seamless Switchers of Analog Way.
  • The Manager Stage user interface allows visualization of the projection area. It enables the user to easily preview and schedule images and transition effects. Transition effects are stored as presets or sequences and can be launched live during the presentation. In addition, the presets can be edited live on the preview screen before being displayed on the main screen.
  • The graphic user interface will allow user to master the application rapidly and secure the control of the projector during the show. Manager Stage for Analog Way is available now and will be exclusively sold and supported by Analog Way. Manager Stage for Analog Way allows the combination of several Analog Way Seamless Switchers such as the Di-VentiX, the EventiX, the Octo range series or the ever popular Graphic Switcher II. It can be upgraded to a full version of Medialon Manager Stage to control other products than Analog Way.
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