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New Tools for At-The-Pump TV

  • AdtekMedia, which owns PumpTop TV a digital network, has announced a variety of technological enhancements designed to help advertisers, retailers and content providers better target and engage its unique, monthly audience of 12 million motorists at service stations nationwide. Available on the PumpTop TV network as well as to private network operators, the new capabilities hyper target consumers and markets via critical criteria such as zip codes, dayparts, in-store sales, and content. In addition, a new programming loop of frequently refreshed content now provides an even more engaging and entertaining experience for consumers at the pump.
  • An improved network segmentation technology segregates, secures and manages private networks, while, at the same time, offering those networks the full range of functionality and content library resources available on PumpTop TV. On the back end, the network has added more robust and comprehensive database management features for tracking and analyzing insertion and viewership of advertising and programming content.
  • The new PumpTop TV programming loop delivers an enhanced programming experience to viewers and an expanded roster of ways advertisers, content providers and private network operators can take advantage of the growing out-of-home digital display medium. The redesigned programming layout now accommodates additional banners (including new horizontal banners) and both 16:9 and 4:3 content. Banner content can now be linked directly with internet-based data sources for automatic updates. Enhanced campaign development functionality now features automated demographic research, distance to station targeting, and real time inventory availability by inventory type, market and time.
  • PumpTop TV’s new Product Boosts give advertisers a unique way to focus messages to meet specific campaign and marketing needs. In-house service offerings such as localized demographic data, ultimate messaging flexibility, and personal campaign consultation, help maximize messaging impact. Each Boost leverages PumpTop TV’s robust technical capabilities including an internet-based, cellular driven network and a sophisticated back-end software management system. All of the new technology and functionality embodied in the Boosts can be employed by private network operators in the management of content over their networks.