Eclipse International Unveils Digital Signage Appliance -

Eclipse International Unveils Digital Signage Appliance

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In its first year at INFOCOMM and in business since 1992, Eclipse International (BOOTH 2553 in the Digital Signage Pavilion), will be showcasing 2 of its own fully integrated Digital Signage appliances (Eclipse DS-IPTM and Eclipse DS-IPLTM ). These are the latest tools to help you with your Digital Signage needs. They have been created to address a void in, and a need by the SMB market. Our approach is centered on maximizing features while reducing effort and complexity for the user. Comparable products are much more complex to use, require more knowledgeable staff and are typically more expensive. Our technology is designed to fit virtually any SMB application and requirement, and yet at a low cost.

“We have created a simple, cost-effective, and reliable solution for the wide range of applications and environments encountered by the SMB customer”, says David Miller, an Eclipse Director. "We have combined all of the software and hardware that a customer needs to move content over the internet to a target screen. Our “Digital Signage Out of a Box” products are based on Intel and Windows technology and include: all of the software needed to manage, schedule and display your content. There is no requirement for additional software licenses or maintenance contracts. We call it “Your Digital Signage Project Your Way”. You have full independence. Our easy to use products help you take the guess work out of your Digital Signage implementations. Our products are capable of handling a wide variety of display media, high image quality, combined with security and encryption. You don’t even need a dedicated internet connection (you only need it when you decide to change your content) and depending on how you want to use our products, you can even go wireless. We can further combine our products with additional hardware to enable up to 64 screens in one location to display your content."

For additional information, please visit Booth #2553. You can also visit our web site at www. or call us a 1-888-305-2860 and ask for David Miller, Director.


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