Surface-Mount Loudspeakers -

Surface-Mount Loudspeakers

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Surface Mount Loudspeakers

Description: Loudspeakers in small enclosures that can easily be installed on a wall surface or suspended from a ceiling.

Application: Small P.A. system, background/ foreground music, surround sound, delay loudspeakers.

Selection tips:

1. Program source.
Will they be used for speech only or music? Music puts greater demands on loudspeakers and usually requires a full-range frequency response, which often means a larger enclosure. Look for at least a 4.5-inch cone driver for low-frequency among the loudspeaker components.

2. Is décor important?
If so, make sure the enclosure is available in an acceptable color, or that it is paintable.

3. Structural integrity of the wall.
If the enclosure is to be mounted to a wall, be sure that it can safely support the weight of the loudspeaker.

4. Powered or unpowered.
Some models include a built-in amplifier. Make sure codes allow running power cables to the loudspeakers.


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Yamaha to Launch Surface Mount Speakers

Buena Park, CA-- Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems , Inc. is launching the VS Series of surface mount speakers.   The VS Series of surface mount speakers. Two models are offered in the VS Series. The VS6 has a 6.5-inch cone woofer to handle bottom end, while the VS4 houses a 4-inch

Tannoy Realeases Micro Compact Ceiling Loudspeakers

Tannoy launches the CVS4 Micro compact ceiling loudspeaker. The CVS4 Micro is a full bandwidth ceiling speaker system comprising a 100mm mid bass driver with a coaxially mounted 19mm high frequency section mounted in a vented, injection moulded, paintable front

Video Mount's New Wall Mount

Video Mount Products has launched the new FP-XMLPAB “extra medium” low profile articulating wall mount with tilt and list adjustment capabilities at ISC East 2014, held in New York from Nov. 19-20 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, booth 430.

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HARMAN’s JBL Loudspeakers at Ausgrid Stadium

Ausgrid Stadium in Newcastle, Australia (formerly Energy Australia Stadium), home to the Newcastle Knights, has undergone redevelopment of its Western Grandstand. The stadium features a new audio system, designed and implemented by The PA People, using HARMAN’s JBL Application Engineered (AE) loudspeakers with weatherized treatment for external use (WRX) as well as JBL Control 29AV-1 and Control 25AV loudspeakers.

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RPV Reduces Price on Flex Mounts

rp Visual Solutions has reduced the price of their large format series of Flex Mounts. These mounts are built for flat panels with 80” to 103” diagonal images. The RPV RPPM-Flex Mount listed previously for $7,340 and is now offered at $5,500.