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Utah Valley University Digital Signage Network

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When Utah Valley University (UVU) wanted a cutting-edge way to stay in touch with its student body last year, it found the solution in digital signage. UVU partnered with Capta-Vision (Salt Lake City) to develop a digital signage network that serves the informational, branding, entertainment and emergency broadcast needs on campus.

Through an ongoing integration, Capta-Vision helped UVU install 17 46-inch LCD flat-panel screens to form a network powered by Scala software. Currently, the network is campus-wide with displays in locations such as the library, student center and administration building. The university selected high-traffic areas for these screens in order to effectively broadcast UVU-related information, including calendars, RSS feeds, events, posters and 30-second videos.

“Our goal was to build an inexpensive conduit for distributing information to the masses while maintaining our campus image of excellence,” said Travis Tasker, Director of UVU’s Media Tech Support and Integration team. “We want to deliver a variety of fresh, relevant content by using and adapting content generation, distribution and approval methods already being used in existing systems and processes.”

In order to utilize their new network efficiently, UVU administrators wanted to give members of the campus community the ability to control content. Scala software’s user-friendly interface and design capabilities would allow approved members of the university to develop and schedule their own content and select which screens it would play on.

“By using Scala software for content generation and distribution, UVU’s administrators and information technology officers have found digital signage offers a low-cost and efficient way to deliver fresh, relevant information to students, faculty and staff,” said Marcello Gasperini, Sales and Marketing Director for Capta-Vision.

Moving forward, UVU is hoping to use digital signage in its college of business for a finance lab that emulates the Wall Street experience. Only two other universities in the U.S. have these labs, which include video walls, RSS feeds, touch screens and a host of other digital signage hardware and software technologies.

For more information on UVU’s digital signage network, please visit http://www.scala.com/news/case-study-pdfs/utah-valley-university-case-study.


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