Projecting The Future

Projecting The Future

We wind up the year by taking a look at projection screens that have hit the market in recent months. They are built to impress, and the technology of these products continues to rapidly change. Clients are always looking ahead for a product that will put their facility on the map, and it will be easy to make an impact with any of these new designs. The projection screens of today are engineered with flexibility and quality in mind, allowing them to be placed almost anywhere or disappear with the touch of a button. These screens are built to handle more abuse, and retain the cleanest surface possible for the highlumen projectors that more and more customers are requesting. With 3D technology making the rounds as well, these screens have to be able to boast visibility in different dimensions.

Draper Access XL

Draper has expanded its line of motorized, ceiling-recessed projection screens. Access XL screens are offered in a range of large sizes not previously available in Access screen models. Access XL projection screens offer many of the benefits of the existing Access screens, including Draper’s case first—screen later, feature to avoid screen damage during construction—but in a size range suited for large rooms or auditoriums. The Access XL is available in non-tensioned sizes up to 20 feet wide and tab-tensioned sizes up to 18 feet wide. Mounting brackets slide in tracks along the top of the case, making installation relatively quick.

Da-Lite Large Advantage Electrol Series

Specially designed and engineered for projection screen widths from 14 to 24 feet, the one-piece precision extrusion is the first of its kind in the industry. The full-length closing door is a proprietary design to the new line of Da-Lite Advantage Deluxe screen cases. The motorized continuous closure is standard on the Advantage Deluxe. The Advantage case has the same built-in features as the Deluxe without the closing door. With its one-piece construction, the Advantage and Advantage Deluxe cases meet Underwriters Laboratories Plenum Testing Standards for use in air handling space. The Advantage or Advantage Deluxe houses Da-Lite’s seven-inch screen roller system.

AV Stumpfl Decoframes

Decoframes are frame projection screens that are available for every image format, for both professional and private uses. Decoframe lends a professional appearance to a conference room or any other permanent installation. The Decoframe by AV Stumpfl can be tailored to the size of a user’s choice and be supplied with the company’s front and rear projection material. The frame is delivered as a folded frame and the surface material rolled up, which guarantees a crease-free projection surface.

Elite Screens WhiteBoardScreen Universal

Elite’s WhiteBoardScreen Universal is a tool for classrooms and training facilities. It fuses whiteboard and projection screen into one product. The material is engineered to perform on the same level of quality as a home theater projection screen with color neutrality, wide diffusion uniformity, and no hot spotting or glare. The 1.1 gain matte white material is designed for use with interactive and full or short-throw projectors. It is coated with a durable scratch-resistant optical nanotech resin. This allows the Versawhite material to fulfill its dual role as projection screen and dry-erase writing surface.

Stewart Filmscreen Video Conference Screen

Stewart Filmscreen’s Video Conference Screen (VCS) is an electric retractable system outfitted with a customized housing that holds a camera positioned underneath the screen that is barely visible to conference participants and can therefore increase audience participation and productivity. This also creates a cleaner installation. The VCS is available with a variety of Stewart’s front projection materials. The exclusive Tab-Guy tensioning system ensures a smooth and completely flat screen surface and the matte black over-scan borders provide a masked image area. Microperf X2 is also available when acoustic transparency is required.

Vutec Fusion HD

Fusion-HD by Vutec is a rigid acrylic rear screen. Fusion-HD performance begins with an HD image and a contrast ratio that is designed for HD projectors and high-resolution image files. Fusion-HD has an off axis viewing area, with ambient light rejection for varied-room or display applications. Fusion-HD delivers whiter whites and color saturation, in uncontrolled lighting environments. Its scratch resistant multi-layer design diffuses the image evenly across the entire screen surface.