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Chief Receives Compliance Designations

Minneapolis, MN--Chief revealed that its lineup of automated projector lifts has received UL and TUV compliance, recognizing product safety and compatibility. With these designations, Chief can now add a CE mark to these products.

  • Chief's lineup of automated projector lifts has received UL and TUV compliance.
  • The lineup includes three models: SL151, SL220 and SL236. The SL151 is designed to fit inside a standard 2-foot by 2-foot (600mm by 600mm) suspended ceiling grid. The SL236 is used when extra extension is needed, as it provides up to 36-inches (91 cm) travel. The SL220 is designed for ease of install, snapping inside a 2-foot by 2-foot ceiling grid.
  • With the compliance certification of the SL220, all models in the series have now received the following designations:
  • UL – Verifies that a product is physically and environmentally safe for public use, as determined by the Underwriters Laboratories.
  • TUV – Validates the safety of products to protect humans and the environment against hazards.
  • CE – Is the manufacturer’s promise that a product is in conformity with European Union legislation and can be sold in the European Economic Area.