SCN's 2015 Hall of Fame: Dr. Joseph Kramer

He never intended to make electronics his main occupation, but then Dr. Joseph Kramer, founder, president, and CEO of the international electronics company bearing his name, wasn’t surprised when it turned out to be just that.

Dr. Joseph Kramer

Dr. Joseph Kramer

With degrees in chemistry and a Ph.D. in endocrine pharmacology, Dr. Kramer’s love for electronics trumped his academic research and led him to join an audio company as its chief engineer in 1978. After a year and a half, he started his own company, tapping his experience as a scientist for the basics: how to analyze a situation from different angles, how to use scientific deductions, and how to always double check assumptions, all of which are salient to preparing a scientific paper.

“Over the years, I have naturally broadened my horizons with electronics,” he said. “Even today, I still use the ‘scientific way of thinking’ quite often, and I think it goes to show that nothing is in vain.”

To wit, there’s a great synergy between video art and photography, he maintained. Dr. Kramer should know. His award-winning photography has led him to exotic spots, as well as his base in Jerusalem, and yes, there is an annual calendar of his work.

“I love to take pictures of landscapes, animals, interesting places and buildings, day-to-day life on the street, women and anything with loads of colors—especially flowers,” he said. “Taking pictures ‘does it’ for me; it lets me express a different aspect of myself, one which is not otherwise revealed in my daily life.”

Dr. Kramer is an award-winning photographer.

Dr. Kramer is an award-winning photographer.

Having worked with the company for more than 17 years, Kramer Electronics USA president, David Bright, knows him better than most. “I never fail to feel revitalized after spending time with him. His thirst for knowledge, enthusiasm for his work, love of his employees (some more than 30 years), and his high level of energy continues to inspire me. His knack for finding beauty in all things through his camera lens is remarkable.”

In the AV world, Dr. Kramer notes the evolution of technology, most substantially in the transition to digital video and then audio. “I am mainly proud of the human relationships that we have established over the years with our loyal customers and friends around the globe,” he said. “My philosophy says that it’s not all about money and business. At the end of the day, there are real people behind emails and phone calls, and I try to remember that every day when doing business.”

As to what’s still to come, his company’s first slogan still stands: “It’s ‘Electronic Art At Your Fingertips’ and I’d like to continue creating electronic pieces of art.”

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