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Mood Media Launches Location-based Mobile Marketing Technology

  • Mood Media has introduced Mood Presence, a mobile marketing technology that utilizes its vast music network to connect retailers and marketers directly to consumers via smart devices.
  • Presence is the intelligent network that opens up a world of possibilities by establishing a new channel of personalized marketing. The technology sends an inaudible cue through Mood's music player and a retailer's existing sound system. When integrated with a mobile app, the Presence signal is immediately sensed by an iOS or Android device. Once detected, the system establishes a connection, enabling retailers to deliver targeted, relevant content directly to the consumer inside the store.
  • Mood also announced the release of Explore In-Store, the first Presence product that utilizes the Presence technology. By integrating with any retailer's app, Explore In-Store marks the latest development of Mood's interactive mobile marketing solutions.
  • Explore In-Store recognizes when customers are on location and immediately creates the feeling of a personal VIP connection to the brand through the store's existing mobile app. The shopping experience is enhanced with targeted content that is immediate and specific to the in-store experience such as exclusive in-store offers and product information. The first of its kind product gives retailers the power to directly combat the practice of showrooming by creating an additional use-case of their own apps and maximizing customer mindshare while in-store.
  • "Presence technology is all about leveraging our existing network to create greater shopper awareness and drive a higher rate of conversion," said Lorne Abony, Mood chairman and CEO. "The Explore In-Store product enables retailers to leverage mobile marketing at the most important point of engagement. If a shopper is checking out your competitor's website or texting her friends while in your store, it's more difficult to convert her into a customer, so we want to help our clients get more out of their own apps by delivering relevant, targeted marketing when and where it matters most."
  • Mood's clients have complete control over the content that is displayed with Explore In-Store. And just like with Mood's digital signage solutions, the content can be updated, targeted and maintained as desired through a simple interface. The back-end of Explore In-Store also provides an interface that produces current and historic data analytics that enable our clients to accelerate their in-store performance.
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