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Digital Display Group Live Safety Live Control

Alpha Video's Digital Display Group (DDG) has announced the release of its Live Safety Live Control optional component to its CastNET digital signage software.

The Live Safety Live Control (LSLC) is an optional component to CastNET that gives users the ability to announce important messages or weather warnings immediately onto selected signage players. With one simple click of the mouse from a CastNET secured interface - or by linking the CastNET system to an outside trigger, such as a properties fire alarm or other 3rd party triggers - a company can activate an emergency message on the designated screens.

The LSLC is an important component for users to display critical and timely information to employees, guests, and customers. It can be used to display severe weather warnings, emergency alerts, and/or other immediately needed announcements.

Joshua Hoffert, product manager for the Digital Display Group, says, "The Live Safety Live Control option gives customers a whole new level of control and purpose to their digital signage system. CastNET powered digital signage can now be used for more than advertising and employee communication; it can be used to give warnings to guests, employees, or customers. Live Safety Live Control also gives users the ability to immediately display immediate special announcements with a simple click of the mouse or from an outside trigger."

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