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OWI Adds Energy Star Rated Audio Amplifiers

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OWI will unveil its latest new product line up at InfoComm, including the Energy Star Rated/Energy Verified Audio Amplifiers.

For AV pros looking for a high efficiency, priority override paging, intelligent monitoring audio amplifier, OWI introduces its AMP-1SGRN “Green” Amplified Speaker Amplifier with Priority Audio Override. The “green” amp has earned UL Environment’s Energy Efficiency Certification (EEC) Mark for Energy Star compliance. The AMP1SGRN is ten times more efficient than old style amplifiers, according to the company.

In earning its Energy Star rating, the digital amplifier operates with 87 percent efficiency, which makes an additional heat sink unnecessary. The system works on maximum power of 25-Watts and enters “Sleep” mode every fifteen minutes.

For added school and organizational safety, the AMP-1SGRN Speaker Amplifier integrates audio with emergency paging via Priority Override. With three audio inputs, the system suspends normal and secondary audio inputs whenever priority audio takes precedence.

To accommodate people who are hard-of-hearing, the system has a line out for a hard-of-hearing feed. For a clearer signal, the class D power amplifier has low radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) due to a patented special feature.

The system tests itself every hour, or when a manual button is pressed, to help ensure proper functioning. A green LED signal indicates that the system is working properly, and will occasionally flash green even while in power-saving “sleep” mode. A flashing red LED signal indicates the system is not working properly and needs attention. The amplifier also protects itself from over-temperature, over-current, and over-voltage by shutting itself down in any of these conditions.


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