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i Display Announces i View Android

  • i Display has announced the launch of the i View Android. The new interactive retail digital display powered by the Android open operating system provides a rich communication channel between brands and their customers.
  • The i View Android, a compact 10.2''digital signage unit, was developed to be commercial-grade and support retail business needs. The i View Android features a high quality multi-touch resistive screen that allows customers to easily and intuitively interact with the content. The embedded Wi-Fi functionality automatically connects to a web based, remote content management system (CMS) powered by SCALA. The i View Android is available with an optional long lasting rechargeable battery, offering the user the flexibility to use it in any location.
  • Based on Android open operating system, i View Android offers retailers the ability to utilize a wide variety of retail applications to promote products, run campaigns, entertain customers and communicate with them in-store. Retailers can download applications from the Android Market or develop their own applications. With access to a wide range of retail applications, customer-entertaining games, product information and pricing applications, interactive feedback forms, club membership registration applications and web browser for internet surfing, the i View Android gives consumers a new way to engage with brands while providing them a hands-free tablet experience. Additionally, the i View Android allows retailers to develop multiple enterprise management applications, thus providing store management visibility at their fingertips.
  • The I Dispenser tray integrated with the i View Android provides restaurants and bar customers with an Interactive Digital Menu Board experience. Restaurant necessities are placed on the Dispenser Tray while a wide variety of applications can run on the i View Android. In addition, the i View Android can connect to a printer so that customers can print out coupons or in-store promotions, encouraging increased sales for retailers. Retailers may benefit from the i View Android's applications’ interactivity with customers' mobile phones and emails by adding forms and QR codes to the various applications thus building a customer data base and allowing customers to scan codes to receive product information and discounts.
  • "The i View Android, with its advanced touch-screen and Android operating system, is a revolutionary digital signage unit that lets the customer be in charge of their retail experience," Says Ariel Haroush, I Display's CEO. "It is a new era in the digital signage world. No more a simple advertising machine. With i View Android it is all a matter of interactivity and two ways communication; between the brand and the customer and between the screen and the smart phones. By offering customers a personal experience they begin to build brand loyalty that helps to increase retailers' bottom line sales. We have taken what we know works in the digital signage retail environment and have enhanced it to provide the newest technologies that help engage customers and provide repeat sales for retailers."
  • Interactive digital displays give retailers an opportunity to transform the way they support customers through the shopping experience, providing an overall more satisfying experience, which ultimately leads to an increase in sales for the retailers. The iView Android in particular enables retailers and brands to create a unique shopping experience by leveraging the popular tablet touch screen capabilities that further promote customer engagement. In addition, the Android OS allows retailers to run a variety of retail-oriented applications to keep customers entertained, engaged and speed them through the purchasing process.
  • The i DISPLAY i View Android main features include:

- Digital touch screen including a resistive touch panel and a 1024*600 high resolution screen
- Android 2.3 Open Operating System, with access to thousands of applications
- Wi-Fi enabled
- Internal browser
- Web based, easy to use, remote content management system (CMS) powered by SCALA
- Battery operated including a long lasting rechargeable battery and docking station providing up to 10 hours of activation
- Rotating screen providing both landscape and portrait views
- Content automatically adjusts to the viewing angle
- i View Dispenser integrates with the i View Android
- Auto copy of content
- Auto play functionality

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