ISF Commercial Calibration And Certification Group Founded -

ISF Commercial Calibration And Certification Group Founded

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One of the biggest issues facing the commercial AV industry today is finding qualified employees to represent us in the market place. No area is this more evident than on the technical side of the equation. The need to qualify, hire, educate, and certify designers, technicians, and integrators to industry standards has never been more important.

To this end, I have contracted with the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) to create the ISF Commercial Calibration and Certification Group. The goal of ISF Commercial is to further the awareness and understanding of display standards, setup, and calibration that result in the attainment of the "perfect" image on screen. ISF Commercial has four basic roles:

1. Integrator training and certification on display standards, setup, and calibration with an emphasis on understanding the benefits of premium video products "Engineered for Calibration."

2. Consulting with manufacturers regarding product development to expand their product performance and calibration capabilities.

3. Expand awareness of display standards and calibration benefits through media communications, editorial copy, white papers, and ad placements.

4. ISF Commercial licensing for display products and supporting technologies meeting ISF Commercial "standards of performance."

ISF Commercial is display technology agnostic and founded in the actual science and physics of what can be achieved on screen in real world applications. For more information contact ISF Commercial, Brawn Consulting at 760.599.6530.


DSDE Offers Calibration Certification

Alan Brawn– InfoComm is coming up very quickly. We will be conducting our display expert and calibration course just prior to the show. This year we will incorporate  the Digital Signage Display Experts (DSDE) for the digital signage industry along with ISF Commercial (ISF-C) for the Pro AV industry hitting the proverb

ISF Commercial Display Calibration Course

The ISF Commercial Course teaches the science of light and color and how the human eye reacts to the images it sees. Television standards, signal types, and the effects of scalers and processors are examined, followed by a close look

ISF-C Offers Two-Day Calibration Course

InfoComm and numerous manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and end users have partnered with ISF Commercial to bring a comprehensive display calibration certification program to the commercial audiovisual and digital signage industries. The course is designed to bring an individual the education they need, acco

ISF Certification at ISE Amsterdam

Imaging Science Foundation is heading back to Amsterdam in 2013 for their annual ISF Level I and II Advanced Video Calibration seminars, where attendees can learn what's new in the world of video from ISF President and Founder Joel Silver. This is the only planned date in Europe in 2013.

JVC And SpectraCal Simplify Calibration

Wayne, NJ-- JVC Professional Products Company collaborated with SpectraCal to create a custom calibration interface within the CalMAN Commercial software for the new DLA-RS60U and DLA-RS50U 3D-enabled D-ILA Reference Series projectors. Calibrating projectors has generally been a complicated process using on-scree

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ISF Certification Nov. 19 - 21 in Houston

The AVPro Advanced Fundamentals ISF Certification class, set for November 19 - 21 In Houston, is designed to keep AV professionals in front of the competition. The topics include Home Acoustics Alliance Audio Calibration, Imaging Science Foundation Video Calibration, and HDMI/HDBaseT Integration presented by Quantum Data.

ISF Commercial Ramps up Training

Since its launch in March, ISF Commercial has had great acceptance for their new calibration and certification courses. The ISF Commercial Course, directed and taught by display industry veteran Alan Brawn, teaches the science of light and color and how the human eye reacts to the images it sees. The Imaging Science Foundation Commercial group is dedicated to the attainment of perfect images on screen, the understanding and adoption of standards, and the testing and certification that recognizes excellence in display calibration. The new ISF Commercial Calibration and Certification Course is the latest and most advanced methodology and certification in the pursuit of that goal. At each intensive two-day seminar, each display technology is reviewed in terms of performance capabilities as well as limitations. A hands-on lab illustrates detailed calibration processes for flat panel displays and other display devices, providing the procedural elements as well as the "art" that permits the