Making It Easy with Vaddio HuddleStation -

Making It Easy with Vaddio HuddleStation

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Life is complicated. Life as an AV Integrator can be even harder. That's why we like, ahem, love companies that understand that, and make products to make our lives easier.

Enter Vaddio! Even their slogan shows their commitment to the easy: Vaddio - The Art of Easy. I love it!

As you can expect, I made my way to the big blue Vaddio booth to see what great new products they've got that we specifically designed to make my life better. Well guess what, I found a couple of things!

Let's start with their new Huddle stations. Again, they are all about making things easy so these two video products, the HuddleStation and the GroupStation fit that bill perfectly.

The HuddleStation allows you to easily integrate it for collaboration with remote users without all the hassle of the more cumbersome telepresence devices. The Huddle is perfect for the small office or boardroom where you only need 3-4 people on the call. The GroupStation has the same feature set but adds some features, namely the wider angle camera and support for larger rooms, easily allowing 10+ people to be captured by the camera. These products are designed to not only make our jobs as integrators easy but also about making these systems easy for the end-users. Vaddio has learned one of the most important things in our business that if you can make products that are easy to use and work very well… dealers and customers alike will love them!


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