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HSTi Launches Wireless Media Stick™ DS at CES 2012

At CES, HSTi launched the Wireless Media Stick™ DS, which helps deliver content without the need for media players or custom cabling schemes.

When the Wireless Media Stick™ DS is connected to a flat panel’s USB playback port, the user has a Wireless Digital Sign that allows the administrator to load or stream content files locally from a PC, Mac, NAS device, or the Internet, directly to the panel, wirelessly. Depending on the extent of the digital sign inventory, content can be streamed through a Wi-Fi network, a 3G/4G network, or a 3G/4G to Wi-Fi hub.

The Wireless Media Stick™ DS is based on the patented technology of the Wireless Media Stick™, a media streaming device for the consumer electronics market. With the Wireless Media Stick™ DS, dynamic sign content can be driven from the same source and managed locally, or through the Internet, to just one panel, many panels, or different content to different panels.

“Establishing a Wireless Digital Sign network is an effective method for a company to attract new customers, relay messages to clients, or provide information to the public,” said Ramesh Uppal, HSTi’s President and CEO. “HSTi’s Wireless Media Stick DS enables efficient, wireless content management, at a fraction of the cost.”

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