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Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer

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Revolution Acoustics, the innovator behind the invisible audio movement, will hold the US debut of its patented SSP6 Multiducer technology at InfoComm 2014 (booth #C11347). Conceived with the philosophy that the best technology should impact, not distract, Revolution Acoustics’ entirely new model of immersive sound provides integrators with the benefit of a two-minute installation and offers end users superlative sound in the most desirable form factor: invisible.

To rethink the old audio model of making incremental improvements to big box technology, Revolution Acoustics took another approach to sound physics and arrived at the philosophy of "Ergonomic Audio" that reverses the model of conventional speakers producing small sweet spots and a compromised user experience. The SSP6 Multiducer delivers sound comfortably and consistently across an audio landscape to create whole-room sweet spots by applying the science of ergonomics, which optimizes for maximum user experience.

Revolution Acoustics will offer visitors to InfoComm 2014 a demonstration of the technology which includes a focus on the ease of integration. Offering dealers a two-minute installation with no holes to cut, the Multiducer produces high fidelity true commercial audio with real bass, and that replaces the depth and performance of up to eight traditional speakers in a fraction of the setup time.

"Revolution Acoustics has been able to change the rules of the game in audio design and deployment by avoiding the outdated cone speaker legacy of bigger is better," said Bob Katz, CEO for Revolution Acoustics. "Our aim is to deliver a better propagation of sound with unparalleled ease of installation in an invisible form factor. If that sounds like a radical concept, then we ask you to hear the demo and we know you will be compelled to join the revolution."

InfoComm attendees are invited to visit the booth and inquire about the Revolution Acoustics Demo Kit which is sold at cost. A full-purchase rebate program is soon to become available permitting the kit to be acquired at no cost to dealers. The kit comes complete with two SSP6 Multiducers wired with high quality speaker cables, an RA2 intelligent digital amplifier, all connecting cables, IR sensor, remote control, Rev-Loc mounting plates, and a preloaded iPod all in a highly portable display case. The RA2 Intelligent Amplifier included in the kit is loaded with 5 different EQ options engineered to optimize the audio output signal when used with Revolution Acoustics Multiducers on various surfaces. The MSRP for a full system is $1,495.


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Revolution Acoustics SSP6

The Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer is a multifunctional transducer that attaches to nearly any panel structure and converts it into an audio speaker.

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