Retail Moving to In-Store Digital Media -

Retail Moving to In-Store Digital Media

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The National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association, noted that retail is making big steps toward in-store digital media during their conference and trade show held in New York, Jan. 2016.

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The turn to in-store digital media is a product of declining retail visits and need to further engage with consumers. Since 2010, retail visits have declined by 64% to just 13 billion visits in 2015. 24% of retail revenue from the past year shifted to Amazon. Retailers are faced with the need to meet rapidly-changing consumer behavior to make their location relevant and a destination for consumers.

The National Retail Federation is not the only organization to notice the change. Canada’s Ad Week (FFWD) also acknowledged the pivot toward in-store digital media. Communication agencies in Canada are already leaning forward with new approaches to analytics, messaging content and digital media application.

Planning, trials, analytics and content are changing. As retail moves forward, digital signage is becoming an investment priority, as both the National Retail Federation and Canada’s Ad Week (FFWD) have confirmed.

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Guerilla Launches New In-Store TV Solution

Guerilla has introduced a new in-store TV product, En-gage. A digital signage solution, the online system allows for advertising content to be deployed to any number of screens, in any location, with the click of a button. The total solution including hardware and software delivers content to strategically positioned screens in order to interact with customers on a personal level and stimulate the desired response.

ComQi Passport Wins In Store Engagement Award

ComQi’s Passport platform won an award for In-Store Engagement at the 2013 Shopper Innovation Awards. The Passport application allows users to use their smartphone to control content on a digital signage screen to play games, select videos on demand, get money-off coupons and link to their Facebook and Twitter feeds. The product has been deployed in cinemas and fast food outlets in the US and Israel. The Shopper Innovation awards are an annual event presented by Strategy - an industry body for Canada's marketing community.

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PQ Media Digital Media Report

Just-released PQ Media data indicates that consumer spending on digital media content & technology will grow at double-digit rates over the next five years to reach $1.4 trillion in 2017, exceeding spending on traditional media by more than two-fold.