AV Technology Management Training

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Decatur, GA-based consulting firm Technitect offers a set of services to system owners tailored to the needs of owning, maintaining, operating, managing and planning for AV systems. Training focuses on some of the key fundamentals and processes that make for better AV, better design, better troubleshooting, and better management. Technitect's seminars are based on AV industry best practices, and they provide training on both the technical aspects of implementing AV as well as the processes that make AV integration work from a project management point of view. For more information, visit www.technitect.com.


Enter the 2012 AV Technology Manager of the Year Program

AV Technology is honoring Technology Managers whose commitment to "Doing IT All" has produced a reliable, useable, profitable AV system for stakeholders. We invite you to share a story about determining need, getting buy-in, specifying products and suppliers, and training users on a new AV application/installation. J

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TechTalk is the New AV Guide for Technology Managers

With knowledge, experience and responsibility for end user needs and user experience, technology managers deserve a community built around support, knowledge sharing, and education. Meet TechTalk. Our community aims to help pull together information from the experiences of professional AV services providers that can help enrich, strengthen, and empower Technology Mangers.

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AV Technology Manager’s Guides

Brought to you by AV Technology, The Technology Manager’s Guide to... series presents an in-depth look into the most important areas affecting your bottom line.  Each of of these guides can be accessed by clicking on the cover below.

InfoComm Hosts AV Technology Conference

Looking for education, networking and a chance to see new AV products? Then plan to attend InfoComm International’s one-day end user conference San Diego, October 20. Who Should Attend AV Technology Today? If you are responsible for purchasing or overseeing the installation, integration or operations of technology

AV/IT Integration for Technology Professionals

InfoComm International offers its course "AV IT Integration for Technology Professionals", which provides tools and techniques to help meet today's AV network challenges. With a focus on planning for the future while understanding the past, the class offers methods for

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PSNI Conducts Project Management Training

PSNI wrapped the first Project Management X-Treme Course with participation of 19 PSNI affiliate senior-level project managers from nine affiliates. It was held at the new Indianapolis headquarters of Belden, one of the course sponsors.