Lighthouse Launches New LED Panels

  • Lighthouse Technologies, Ltd. is introducing the P12-Enhanced Resolution (ER) indoor/outdoor light emitting diode (LED) panels, which use advanced digital processing to enhance resolution to include more detailed information on a smaller screen. With a 12.5mm dot pitch resolution, the P12-ER allows more images, graphics and text to be displayed on 25mm panels.
  • The P12-ER are the first LED panels to combine the benefits of Lighthouses M4 color uniformity, 14-bit grayscale and resolution-enhancing technology.
  • Aggressively priced to offer performance that surpasses todays virtual pixel display products, the P12-ER is best suited for advertising and stadium applications that require mid-size screens with high-resolution for longer viewing distances.
  • Recognizing the demand for a wider variety of LED signage, P12-ER is the first in a line of enhanced resolution products Lighthouse plans to introduce in 2005. The internal architecture of the onboard processor in each panel features Lighthouses proprietary technology, enabling a high-resolution screen with better quality imaging at an affordable price.
  • Lighthouses new enhanced resolution screen is ideal for applications requiring detailed images and information, including both indoor and outdoor advertising displays, sports venues and retail signage. The P12-ER features high brightness of 5000 NITS, wide viewing angles and crisp picture quality. The products 12.5mm dot pitch resolution, 14-bit grayscale processing and Lighthouses M4 color and brightness correction systems provides excellent presentation quality in a cost-effective package.

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