Lighthouse Launches New LED Panels -

Lighthouse Launches New LED Panels

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Lighthouse Technologies, Ltd. is introducing the P12-Enhanced Resolution (ER) indoor/outdoor light emitting diode (LED) panels, which use advanced digital processing to enhance resolution to include more detailed information on a smaller screen. With a 12.5mm dot pitch resolution, the P12-ER allows more images, graphics and text to be displayed on 25mm panels.

The P12-ER are the first LED panels to combine the benefits of Lighthouses M4 color uniformity, 14-bit grayscale and resolution-enhancing technology.
Aggressively priced to offer performance that surpasses todays virtual pixel display products, the P12-ER is best suited for advertising and stadium applications that require mid-size screens with high-resolution for longer viewing distances.
Recognizing the demand for a wider variety of LED signage, P12-ER is the first in a line of enhanced resolution products Lighthouse plans to introduce in 2005. The internal architecture of the onboard processor in each panel features Lighthouses proprietary technology, enabling a high-resolution screen with better quality imaging at an affordable price.

Lighthouses new enhanced resolution screen is ideal for applications requiring detailed images and information, including both indoor and outdoor advertising displays, sports venues and retail signage. The P12-ER features high brightness of 5000 NITS, wide viewing angles and crisp picture quality. The products 12.5mm dot pitch resolution, 14-bit grayscale processing and Lighthouses M4 color and brightness correction systems provides excellent presentation quality in a cost-effective package.


Lighthouse Launches DuoLED at PLASA 2010

PLASA 2010 sees leading LED screen manufacturer Lighthouse Technologies launch DuoLED, a new creative product, into the market.  DuoLED is a lightweight mesh product that has all the advantages of transparency and ease of handling, but with an extra benefit. As the name suggest, DuoLED is a dual mode product.

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