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D-Tools System Integrator SIX Receives User Reviews

  • The latest version of D-Tools' System Integrator software, SIX, is now shipping, with a number of user reviews now appearing.

This major release has been re-imagined and re-architected to increase efficiency and productivity for integrators of low voltage systems, the company says, providing companies a foundation for growth. SIX leverages D-Tools' expanded cloud infrastructure to deliver high quality equipment data, provide partners with direct marketing services, and establishes the foundation for future mobile and web-based applications. D-Tools System Integrator is currently used by over 4,400 integration companies to streamline the design, estimation, and documentation processes associated with the installation and integration of audio/video, energy/lighting, and security systems.

"From the complete redesign of the GUI and software layout, SIX shows that D-Tools is looking to really streamline their software and make it even more user intuitive and designer oriented. With SIX you can have multiple proposals open next to each other or on multiple monitors and run comparisons between them, drag and drop from one proposal to the next, and update 20 items at once. After working with SIX, it has cut down my proposal generation time by about 25-30 percent giving me more time to concentrate on other parts of my business. I have found some of the hidden secrets SIX has to offer and sure there are many more to come. If you have sat and asked yourself on whether or not it is a worthwhile investment to make the switch to SIX, I can truly tell you the answer is yes."

-Pat Molettieri, Xtreme Audio & Video

"I imported some SI5.5 projects of different complexity levels and can see for sure that SIX will shave off up to 50 percent of my design time due to the ability to open multiple projects at the same time and save complete projects as templates. One of the key elements that I really love is the enhanced reporting abilities that makes detail filtering a thing of the past."

-Christian Broendbo, Atea AS

"SIX was easier than ever to implement and transition over to from 5.5. Navigating around to create a project is simpler than ever and seems much more fluid."
- Jay Mullen, Sound and Vision Design Center

"I've been a D-Tools user and advocate for over 13 years - since version 1.5d. D-Tools SI6 has expanded on an already solid design platform to include tremendous time saving data management features such as mass updating based on query searches and adding accessories to many items simultaneously. I also love the Drop Zone! Drag-and-drop to move or duplicate items room to room, and even more impressive, from project to project! I also appreciate the ability to check several projects in/out simultaneously. This is a huge time saver as well!"
-Patrick Sargent, Magnolia Audio Video Design Center/ BestBuy

"D-Tools SIX is already improving our team's day-to-day operations. From the simple designing of proposals to viewing of project status, ordering, scheduling, and managing our client database, SIX has far surpassed our expectations."
-John McDermott, Tailor-Made Audio + Video

"SIX has provided us functionality and extraordinary flexibility. Some of the key new features for us is the search engine and templates for system creation. These features have allowed us to reduce a considerable amount of time in proposal generation and design for our clients, translating into increased productivity and revenue."
- Miguel Soto, Diamond Technology

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