King Faisal Hospital Selects Navori

King Faisal Hospital Selects Navori
  • KFSH&RC is a 894-bed multi-facility, multi-entity tertiary care hospital and one of the leading healthcare institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its mission is to provide highly specialized medical services; medical research and educational programs; postgraduate education training and contribute to the prevention of disease.

KFSH&RC has a network of 500+ screens that are installed in various locations in the hospital premises, common areas and hallways. These screens used to show a mix of live television broadcasts, health related information and other content in full screen format.

Content management was a manual process and required a lot of man hours. For example, VHS Tapes or DVD’s were often used as a content source. Old content had to be removed continuously and it was difficult to manage time sensitive content.
The hospital began looking for a solution that could automatically manage content and shift schedules based on specific date, day and time parameters. They also needed a bilingual software solution that would support English and Arabic languages for custom tickers, local RSS news, instant messaging, live video and television broadcasts. All these feature needed to be fully integrated and available on their 500+ screen network. The application interface also needed to be bilingual (in English and Arabic).
Since the network needed to be on-air 24/7, every content and schedule update needed to be performed in the background without interrupting the live broadcast.

Based on the client’s requirement, Technology House implemented the Navori digital signage platform. Using the Navori solution KFSH&RC was able to manage their content more efficiently than ever before.

The software’s interface and live text publication features support English and Arabic. Ticker messages can be sent in both languages. Expired content is managed and removed from the system automatically. Content playback can be scheduled weeks, even months in advance.

Content can be triggered at any time to display instant messages or emergency notifications across the entire screen network. Navori supports multi-zoned content playback so screens were created to accommodate the client’s needs. Screens were divided into 3 zones. The first zone displays health info / live TV based on a specific schedule. The second zone displays the current date, time and live weather updates. The third zone displays Arabic and English RSS news which are custom modules that Technology House developed specifically for this client.

The templates feature a custom designed graphic background which supports the client’s branding and enhances the presentation.

Content is currently broadcast on 500+ screens using the Navori digital signage solution. Content and schedules can be updated in background so there are no broadcast interruptions. Navori offers comprehensive content playback reporting which are used to analyze what played when and how many times. The response from viewers has been very positive. Viewership has increased since the system was implemented.

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