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new products

TVOne newest format converter, the 1T-FC-326, allows the user to take either of two HDMI inputs and convert it to Component video. Very wide video bandwidth ensures that the analog output is capable of showing the fine detail present in most HDMI signals. The audio output includes Coaxial Digital and Analog Stereo (R/L) that is de-embedded from the HDMI digital signal stream. The 1T-FC-326 is compliant with HDMI 1.2a, HDCP 1.1, and DVI 1.0. It supports all HDTV and SDTV resolutions. The unit may be operated from the front panel buttons or the IR remote control. It accommodates cables with either standard or locking type connectors. U.S. list price is $289. Visit


Vaddio is releasing the new CeilingVIEW SD integrated ceiling document camera. The new system offers not only a higher optical zoom, but also High Speed Differential Signaling (HSDS) to transport video, power, and control signals from the camera system to the Quick-Connect CV SD interface up to 400 feet using standard Cat-5 cable. The SD camera is based on a Sony EXview HAD CCD imaging sensor. The 36x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom offer 432x total zoom capability - ideal for corporate boardrooms, auditoriums, teaching hospitals, distance-learning applications, or wherever a clear, standard definition image is required. U.S. list price is $2,295. Visit


QVS is introducing the VC5-1P VGA/QXGA CAT 5 extender kit, which requires power from either the transmitter or the receiver end only. Single end power solves the problem of many installations where power is not available at both ends. The VC5-1P is designed to support maximum 2048x1536 resolution at 60 Hz up top 50 meters, and 1280x1024 resolution up to 80 meters. Visit


Altinex is broadening its presence in AV control systems with its new MultiTouch line of touchscreen panels. With seven models featuring an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the new MultiTouch product line is directly compatible with Altinex' MultiTasker modular AV system and can also be used with other manufacturers' equipment. Each panel is provided with dual RS-232 ports, two network ports, two to four USB ports (depending upon model), along with a built in wireless access network plus Bluetooth. U.S. list price ranges from $2,100 to $3,145. Visit


TOA Electronics, Inc. is introducing its new line of A-2000 Series Mixer/Amplifiers. These new models are engineered for high performance and are lightweight, easy to install, and ideal for a wide-range of commercial applications. The A-2000 Series offers a wide range of power outputs from three models: A-2060 (60W), A-2120 (120W), and A-2240 (240W). All models in the series offer wide frequency response, low noise and distortion, and excellent output regulation. In addition to bass and treble tone control, the A-2000 Series offers an auto-mute function that allows microphone and telephone paging inputs to override the auxiliary inputs. Visit


SoundTube Entertainment is adding the HP129i loudspeaker to its HPi line. Designed for suspended installation in an open-ceiling environment such as gymnasiums or shopping malls, the HP 129i is a 12-inch two-way hanging speaker in a 1-cubic-foot enclosure. It includes a treated-paper woofer and high sensitivity compression driver plus a 150 W transformer with tap switch. Audio connections are made with Euroblocks and installation is quickly accomplished with SoundTube's SpeedClamp connector and carabiner clips. U.S. list price is $924. Visit


Sabine's new Phantom Gooseneck Microphones are designed to solve a myriad of problems that can occur with almost every lectern or gooseneck mic, starting with an integrated infrared sensor that automatically activates the mic based on the presence of a person in front of the microphone. This new line of SGM microphones comes in two versions - the 45-Series and the 40-Series - and in three configurations: a gooseneck mic terminated with a standard XLR connector for use with an existing mic base or shockmount; an SGM mic with an integrated base so it is ready to use on any surface; and a version with a base that includes a button on top that can be programmed to be either on/off, push to mute, or push to talk. U.S. list price for the SGM microphones starts at $269.95 for the 40-Series and $299.95 for the 45-Series. Visit


The Toshiba TDP-T420U/TW420U series of projectors are the company's latest conference room projectors. They feature DLP BrilliantColor technology, DLP filter free technology, and a lamp life of up to 4,000 hours in Eco-Mode. Both the Toshiba TDP-T420U/TW420U series offers a brilliant 4,000 ANSI lumens, XGA 1024x768 native resolution, and 2,000:1 contrast ratio. For increased flexibility both projectors include multiple connectivity options such as an RGB 15-pin and a DVI connector. The TDP-T420U is priced at $2,679 (MSRP) and the TDP-TW420U is priced at $2,919 (MSRP). Visit


Analog Way is expanding its Octo/Quattro product range. Quattro Vue FX (model QVX 421) is a high resolution digital and analog, computer, and video scaler seamless switcher. QVX 421 is fitted with four Universal AV inputs, including one DVI and three outputs: one analog, one DVI for the Main, and one analog for the Preview. It performs an ultra fast and smooth transition between any video or computer source and also allows true seamless switching between one computer input (direct) and any other video or computer input. U.S. list price is $3,890. Visit


Tannoy is launching the VQ Series, an expanding range of loudspeakers designed for any application where precise directional control, outstanding sonic performance, and high SPLs are required, such as large corporate AV systems, stadiums, large dance clubs, live concert halls, theaters, and open-air venues. VQ incorporates a unique driver technology to radiate a coherent single point source (400 Hz-23 kHz) for superior pattern control when coupled to a Point Source Waveguide (PSW). This advanced design aligns the acoustical centers of the transducers, providing a single coherent wavefront emanating from the throat, according to the company. U.S list prices range from $1,990 for the VQMB to $6,590 for the VQNET60 and VQNET100 models. Visit


Extron Electronics is introducing new 8-and 12-input VGA and stereo audio switchers to its SW VGA Series. The SW8 VGA and SW12 VGA are compatible with computer-video resolutions up to QXGA and feature dual buffered outputs, input signal sensing, auto-input switching, and multiple modes of control. All models are compatible with high-resolution RGBHV computer-video signals, as well as HDTV component analog signals with tri-level sync, making them ideal for small to mid-sized applications where high resolution switching is needed. The SW8 VGA Ars has an MSRP of $1,290, and the SW12 VGA Ars costs $1,450. Visit


RGB Spectrum is introducing the QuadView HD, a new type of intelligent display processor for applications requiring the display of multiple images on a single monitor or projector. The QuadView HD offers outstanding image quality, web-based control, dynamic window sizing, borders and titling, smooth zoom/pans, and more. The QuadView HD accepts high resolution DVI, RGB, HDTV, S-Video, Component, and NTSC/PAL Composite video. Up to 24 sources can be connected, any four of which can be displayed simultaneously. The QuadView HD offers high-quality graphics and HDTV rendition, with deinterlacing and scaling. Visit


Epson is introducing the Epson EX90 projector, a multimedia projector that offers 2,600 lumens of white and color light output, XGA resolution, and Epson's latest 3-chip LCD technology. The EX90 also features Epson's proprietary twin-optimized reflective E-TORL technology. The company claims that lamps using E-TORL technology have up to 50 percent longer lamp life than standard lamps. It features a 1.2x power zoom lens that can project a large and clear image from either long- or short-throw distances, and auto keystone correction for immediate and automatic image adjustment. U.S. list price is $899. Visit


Manufactured by NEXO and powered by Yamaha, the high-powered NEXO NXAmp 4x4 and 4x1 amplifiers provide a cost-effective integration of command, control, protection, and amplification of NEXO loudspeaker systems. Using the Yamaha EEEngine technology, the amplifiers offer sonic purity of conventional class AB, but with a heat dissipation equaling class D technology. The ULcertified NXAmp models both feature four amplifier channels that can be configured in 2x2 bridge mode, providing up to 4x4000W at 2 ohms per channel or 2x8000W at 4 ohms per channel on the NX 4x4 and 4x1300W per channel at 2 ohms or 2x2600W per channel t 4 ohms on the NX 4x1. U.S. list price is $4,600 for the NXAMP4X1 and $9,200 for the NXAMP4X4. Visit


Peerless Industries, Inc. is introducing its ultra-thin SlimLine universal mounting solutions. These new universal mounts deliver a virtually no-profile installation that positions flat panel screens a mere 0.4 inches from the wall, barely the thickness of a CD case. The mount's ultra-thin profile perfectly complements Hitachi's 1.5 inch ultra-thin TVs, but its universal design enables the Slimline mount to accommodate any new ultra-slim TV. And with up to 150 pound UL-tested load capacity, the Slimline mounts can even handle the weights of standard flat panel LCD and plasma TVs on the market today. U.S. list prices range from $129 to $199. Visit


Listen Technologies is introducing the LP-3CV-072 3-channel value package in response to customer requests for an economical assistive listening solution. This new line of FM products is designed for assistive listening applications where simplicity and cost are important. Listen's LP- 3CV-072 value package allows organizations such as houses of worship, theaters, stadiums, classrooms, boardrooms, and meeting/training facilities to affordably comply with ADA requirements. The LP-3CV-072 value package includes the LT-803-072 stationary 3-channel FM transmitter; the LA-123 90-degree helical antenna (72 MHz); four LR-200-072 standard 3-channel FM receivers (72 MHz); four LA-161 single ear buds; and the LA-304 assistive listening notification signage kit. The MSRP/MAP price is $767.99. Visit


Interspace Industries is launching the second-generation version of the MicroCue low-cost wireless AV cueing system. MicroCue2 now features dual, switchable USB outputs as a standard feature of this portable, cueing system that is designed to ensure accurate and reliable cueing of PowerPoint presentations. MicroCue2 features the Interspace Industries long distance wireless remote control for completely mobile presenter cueing. Typical lineof- sight distances in an enclosed venue can exceed 225 feet. The system can run off any computer USB power source or from an optional AC power pack (not included). Visit


Media Vision USA is introducing the TAIDEN fully digital Infrared wireless microphone discussion and voting systems. The HCS-5300 system brings the latest in digital infrared technologies and networking techniques to the conference microphone, and consists of the Conference Control Unit CCU, delegate units, digital IR transceiver units, and application software. The HCS-5300 system ensures privacy since infrared frequencies will not pass through walls. The delegate units are powered by detachable, lithium battery packs that can be charged by the HCS-5300CHG. The software allows users to quickly set up, display, and save information about each conference, and, even in stand-alone mode, the HCS-5300 allows the management of various meetings via several basic conference management facilities. MSRP is $1,200. Visit


Designed with a modular "build what you need" concept, 3M Super Close Projection Systems' SCP712 gives customers the benefit of the 3M Vikuiti Super Close Projection technology with basic VGA, USB, and power connectivity, without the burden of paying for unused connectivity. If the projection environment or application requires full connectivity, customers may add an I/O Module and/or an Annotation Sensor Module that can turn a dry erase board or a standard whiteboard into an interactive annotation system. In the customer's choice configuration, the 3M SCP712 module system also features XGA resolution, 2,000 lumens, full connectivity with the I/O Module, interactivity with the 3M Annotation Sensor Module, and 60- to 80-inch variable screen image sizes when mounted on one of the 3M patented, telescoping wall mounts. Pricing, based on a basic model to a fully loaded system, is $1,954 to $3,456. Visit


Middle Atlantic Product is introducing the ASP-OWP Series anti-slip cable pads, which are designed to improve cable management and performance in AV applications. The new pads have been designed to remove close to 40 percent of the cable weight off the tie point, while reducing pull tension where cables are fastened to meet or exceed cable manufacturers' requirements. More important, these unique pads eliminate the need to over tighten the cable fastener to the point where it deforms or "kinks" the cables, an issue that can affect performance. The pads come in packs of four, with single orders priced at $38, and a "bulk pack" of six packets (24 pieces) at $196. Visit


Crestron Electronics is releasing the next generation of its TPMC-4X handheld touchpanel. The new TPMC-4XG now delivers 802.11g in addition to 802.11b WiFi communications, video and Windows Sideshow support. The new TPMC-4XG puts a whole new level of control in the palm of your hand. The unit features a 3.5-inch active-matrix color touchscreen display, producing 16-bit graphics with 3D effects, high-res images, dynamic graphics and text, PNG translucency, and animation. For presentation preview, surveillance or entertainment, the TPMC-4XG delivers security cameras, movies, and other video sources right on its touchscreen display. MSRP is $1,990. Visit


Acoustics First is introducing a new, patented variation of the traditional offset pyramidal diffuser. The QuadraPyramid presents a low profile with four pyramids, creating 16 angles of reflection on the surface of a single 2- x 2- inch panel. When wall mounted in a specific manner, the QuadraPyramid becomes a mid-bass absorber in the range of 250 Hz (0.60 SAC). The skirt of its bell curve extends down to 125 Hz on the low end and reaches to 315 Hz at its upper limit. Mounting is designed for wall or ceiling grid. Fire rating is Class 1 (A). The device retains its rigidity due to the multiple triangles in its surface pattern without the need for a return flange. This principle allows one model to serve two applications. Price per single unit is $108 each; price per box of six units is $582. Visit


LANcom Technologies is introducing its new CampusCommunicator. Offering wide-reaching communications capabilities designed expressly to meet the needs of educational facilities, the CampusCommunicator brings classroom sound reinforcement, intercom, public address paging, bell scheduling, emergency notification, and clock synchronization together under a single umbrella of control, monitoring, and functionality. Capable of being integrated with existing network infrastructures as well as traditional telephone and loudspeaker systems, CampusCommunicator's classroom stations connect to the system over a single Cat-5 cable, thereby facilitating use within a structured cable environment. Additionally, the system can be interfaced with security, fire, and building management systems. Visit


The Rainier 2u2v module is a new member of Avitech's cost-effective and compact line of Rainier Series Multiviewers. It accepts two autodetecting HD/SD-SDI/composite video (PAL/NTSC) inputs and two autodetecting VGA/DVI (YPbPr) inputs, giving users the ability to visually monitor both HD/SD video and computer inputs on a single display. The Rainier 2u2v offers high-quality output resolutions up to 1920x1200 and is delivered as a 1/2 rack size module, making it ideal for space-deficient applications. Also, the windows can be resized, re-positioned, and labeled. Visit


Sonic Foundry is introducing the next generation in its family of awardwinning webcasting appliances, the Mediasite RL and ML Recorders. The Mediasite Recorders' simple workflow allows presenters to share their knowledge online without changing how they normally present, while organizations eliminate costly, time-consuming content authoring and post-production work. The room-based, rack-mountable Mediasite RL Recorder is designed for presentation facilities such as lecture halls, auditoriums, classrooms, and conference and training rooms. The mobile Mediasite ML Recorder is designed for portability to off-site events, conferences, tradeshows, or multiple venues throughout an organization. Mediasite EX Server pricing starts at $19,950. Mediasite Recorders start at $22,250 with volume discounts available. Visit


Samsung Electronics America is launching the SyncMaster 400UXn and 460UXn, which aree 40-inch and 46-inch LCD displays designed with ultra thin bezels and a built-in PC for digital signage and information display applications. With a resolution of 1366x768, 700cd/m2 of brightness, 5,000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio, and a fast 8 ms response time, the displays also offer a wide 178- degree viewing angle supported by Samsung's SPVA technology. In addition to the line's high performing specifications, the series features a built-in PC that runs on a Windows OS XP embedded operating system platform with 1.8 GHz AMD Dual Core processor. The UXn series is recommended for a variety of different digital signage scenarios, including indoor venues, retail, signage, and billboard applications, along with transportation locations and financial exchange environments. Prices range from $2,149 for the 400UX to $3,839 for the 460UXn model. Visit


Digital Projection International is adding 1920x1200 resolution models to its iVision 30 and dVision 30 series line-ups. The new WUXGA native resolution displays present a 16:10 aspect ratio and is also capable of displaying full 1080p video with no scaling required. The new iVision 30-WUXGA features the latest DarkChip DMD technology from Texas Instruments, and supports a native resolution of 1920x1200. The dual-lamp dVision 30 series also gained the new resolution platform, offering 4300 ANSI lumens and up to 7,500:1 contrast. Installation of the dVision 30-WUXGA is extremely flexible due to a selection of six high-quality lenses, covering a throw distance range from .75:1 up to 6.5:1. Prices for the iVision 30 units range from $11,995 to $14,995; prices for the dVision 30 units range from $17,995 to $24,995. Visit


Sanyo is introducing its second-generation LCD waterproof monitor, the CE52SR1. Integrating Sanyo's revolutionary sunreadable LCD panel and marine-grade construction, the CE52SR1 is designed for virtually any outdoor installation. The unit offers full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels) and a 1,500:1 contrast ratio. The CE52SR1 is also capable of viewing in direct sunlight due to its1,500 cd/m2 on-screen brightness. The CE52SR1 is adaptable for most outdoor applications such as theme parks, sporting events, bus stops, railway stations, and even highway tollbooths. MSRP is $13,995. Visit

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