Q&A with Meet Louis Osuna, University of California San Diego Health System

Q&A with Meet Louis Osuna, University of California San Diego Health System

AV Technology: How is AV/IT convergence playing out in your facility?

Louis Osuna: AV/IT convergence has placed our organization on a high-level stage of team coordination for new projects and renovation upgrades. The AV and IT departments are no longer two separate entities, as there is a steady flow of communications both directions. The ultimate goal of AV/IT convergence for our group is to provide an enhanced user experience. Every day we walk the fine line of balancing the AV program with the user’s needs. Directors, doctors, nurses, and technical staff are getting more familiar with technologies from the outside world, and they expect to have the same level of functionality and seamless integration when they are at work. Processes and workflows are being reevaluated to enable the full advantages offered by integrating AV/IT and other IP systems. It is imperative that all of this information is communicated to design teams in the early stages of development so that they can provide the proper infrastructure.

What AV/IT problems have you solved recently?

Louis Osuna: Most of the common challenges arise during AV/IT infrastructure coordination for new projects. When it comes to implementation of the AV program, the IPTV content and AV controller’s functionalities and programming are on top of the list.

What types of new tech or products do you want to learn more about?

Louis Osuna: I want to learn about the products that I didn’t know existed. I want to learn about healthcare technology products that are guided to provide a better user experience and enhance the patients’ health and overall environment.

What AV/IT do you hope to buy in the near future?

Louis Osuna: Large LCD TV screens for conference rooms, patient rooms, and digital signage.

Where are tech manufacturers getting it wrong or missing opportunities?

Louis Osuna: I believe there are a lot of opportunities for manufacturers to build better relationships with end users and educate them on the latest technologies beyond the “sales pitch” to truly work together and form a team. Because many corporations don’t have a defined AV department, the IT guys are playing the AV expert role, which makes cooperation with manufacturers that much more valuable

What is the biggest obstacle to collaboration? What are your collaboration strategies?

Louis Osuna: The biggest obstacle to collaboration is the lack of communication among the teams. Best practices for success include establishing a proactive communication culture, keeping the stakeholders and key team members informed of milestones or changes in the program, and keeping an organized active issues log.

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