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HD Content Next Hurdle For AV

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New york, ny—Results of NewBay Media’s first survey addressing displays and display signal routing, conducted last month via the Systems Contractor News and Rental and Staging Systems websites, indicate several patterns and interesting market developments. Our brief survey, sponsored by Magenta Research, attempted to identify some trends in HD video for commercial AV, find out how widespread HD has become, and how HD content is getting from point A to point B. Some trends are summarized here and in the accompanying charts. Watch for more surveys to come over the course of 2010.

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The biggest inhibitor to ubiquitous HD in commercial AV is not the display costs, or routing issues, but the lack of HD content. This is pretty much the opposite of CEDIA or CES market dynamics, where there is plenty of HD content (after all, the cheapest digital camera creates HD images, more highresolution than 1080p). But the cost of distribution of HD is a factor in the market—much more than the cost of 1080p displays themselves.

In many commercial AV applications, player placement is more than 300 feet away from the display. This means that UTP (twisted pair) video distribution and transmission has gained significant popularity, and in response to this acceptance of high-performance UTP video signal management solutions, manufacturers are optimizing alternative UTP designs for video applications. It also means that integration of HDCP compliant sources is becoming an increasing requirement in installations, and extension of HDCP-compliant HDMI signals up to 300 feet is now common.

Regarding market growth, digital signage ranks high among verticals where our readers see the most potential. Of course this trend dovetails with the above trends. And most of our readers see the non-ad revenue model as the most promising, indicating potential in digital signage for education, corporate lobbies and training, transportation, wait-time messaging, and wayfinding.


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LAX Unveils Content-Driven Digital Signage

This summer crews have just completed the first phase of renovations to the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX airport in Los Angeles. The totally renovated 850,000 square-foot, three-story terminal– long overdue for a major revamping– now boasts one of the most impressive display technology configurations in the world.

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Putting the Dazzle Back in the AV Display Equation

As much as we hear from experts year in and year out that “content is king”, that displays and other technical tools are just that–tools– at the end of the day so much of our industry rides on the introduction of new technology.

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Pro AV Installers and Stagers ‘Stream’ to NAB

Some installed AV and AV rental & staging pros have always come to the NAB show to check out the booths that may have brought some of their gear for those markets on their trucks to Vegas. But this year’s NAB show– that opened today at the Las Vegas Convention Center– has a completely different dynamic: the market has turned around, and come back to the NAB orbit.

Keywest Intros HD Content Player

Keywest Technology has unveiled the HD-Video POD, a high-definition digital signage content player offering a cost-effective professional alternative to the DVD players frequently used in single-sign systems. Keywest Technology specifically designed the HD-Video POD as an affordable, yet powerful replacement for the DVD players in use today driving tens of thousands of digital signs. The HD-Video POD player is a complete hardware and software solution to drive an individual digital signage. With WiFi and Ethernet support, multiple units can be controlled and updated from a central Keywest Technology InfoZone network.

CES 08: Next-Gen Flat Panels

By David Keene It’s been axiomatic in the AV industry for several years running that the consumer electronics market is now the driver of the evolution of video displays. This is mainly a matter of the economies of scale on the consumer side overwhelming those of the smaller commercial AV space. So on the supply side, LCD panels, for example–used in everything from cell phone displays to washing machine user panels to flat panels for the boardroom and classroom–are churned out in numbers so huge that their momentum will threaten to swamp competing flat panel technologies that can’t be produced by the kilometer. So at the biggest, and first, “AV” trade show in U.S. each year, it can be hard to separate the truly innovative technology introductions from those that are simply riding production-efficiency waves or, conversely, acting as vaporware placemarkers for the consumer electronic giants who need to reserve market sha

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6th Pro AV Spotlight Award Winners Announced

NewBay Media has announced the winners of the 6th Annual Pro AV Spotlight Awards, awarded in cooperation with InfoComm International. Chosen from entries received in nine categories, the Pro AV Spotlight Awards honor installations across the breadth of AV vertical markets.